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Ali Cherri


À propos de la personne

À propos de la personne

Ali Cherri

Nationalité libanaise

en 1976 à Beyrouth (Liban)

Vit et travaille à Beyrouth (Liban)

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Description for the exhibition Anarchéologie, June 15-September 11 2017

Ali Cherri’s film The Digger, 2015, follows the everyday life of Sultan Zeib Khan, a Pakistani worker who for twenty years has guarded and taken care of a ruined Neolithic necropolis in the desert near Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. His repetitive, solitary routine takes on a Beckett- like complexion in this boundless space, while the spectacular towers of Dubai are outlined on the distant horizon. The Beirut-born Cherri’s work explores such temporal discrepancies within societies that have grown up in the tension between the notion of a founding origin and a myth of limitless progres...

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