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La personne

Jumana Manna


À propos de la personne

À propos de la personne

Jumana Manna

Né(e) en 1987 (Etats-Unis)

Vit et travaille à Berlin (Allemagne)

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Description for the exhibition Anarchéologie, June 15-September 11 2017

Jumana Manna is a Palestinian artist who today lives in Berlin. She is interested in the way that notions of identity and community are constructed through nationalism, history and the body.

The flag of Resting Flag, 2011 – symbol of an authoritarian national identity – is seen at repose like arms lying down. Tender-looking, the flesh-coloured moulded silicone evokes human vulnerability in the face of ideological affirmation. Opposite, the sculptures of the “Walk like a Vase” series of 2015 interrogate the relationship between representations of the past and strategies of power. They consis...

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