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Oliver Laric


À propos de la personne

À propos de la personne

Oliver Laric

Nationalité autrichienne

en 1981 à Innsbruck (Autriche)

Vit et travaille à Berlin (Allemagne)

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Description for the exhibition Anarchéologie, June 15-September 11 2017

Oliver Laric explores the different mechanisms – cultural, technological, legal and political – that undergird the production, circulation and status of the image.

In 2012, he embarked on an ambitious project to make museum collections accessible to all in the form of infinitely reproducible 3D scans downloadable online. For the 3D printing of Sleeping Boy, 2016, the replica of a work of the same title by English artist John Gibson (1790-1866), Laric chose materials that defied the Neo-classical expectation of whiteness and gave the impression of an assemblage of parts. The artist explores ...

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