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Christoph Keller


À propos de la personne

À propos de la personne

Christoph Keller

Nationalité allemande (avant 1949)

en 1967 à Fribourg-en-Brisgau (Empire fédéral allemand)

Vit et travaille à Berlin (Empire fédéral allemand)

Rôles : Cinéaste, Vidéaste, Participant

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Description for the exhibition Anarchéologie, June 15-September 11 2017

Christoph Keller’s conceptual art develops a meditation on the histories of science and the media underlying the rise of modernity. He is interested in the ways knowledge is organised and transmitted and how these influence our thought. His videos and installations notably explore the different performative registers of the moving image and of spoken and written language.

In his video Anarcheology, 2014, Keller starts from a meditation on Foucault’s 1979 text Du gouvernement des vivants, and weaves together several narratives, juxtaposing the ahistorical narrative of the oral culture of the...

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