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La personne

Amina Menia


À propos de la personne

À propos de la personne

Amina Menia

Nationalité algérienne

Né(e) en 1976 à Alger (Algérie)

Vit et travaille à Alger (Algérie)

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Description for the exhibition Anarchéologie, June 15-September 11 2017

Amina Menia prefers to make works in situ, in which she interrogates the public space as a realm of often conflicting memories and a territory symbolising power. Enclosed, 2012, is a discursive installation combining archives, documentary work and reappropriation, in which the artist explores a monument in the heart of her native Algiers, tackling the taboo of colonial history in relation to artistic heritage.

In 1928, commissioned by the French authorities, official sculptor Paul Landowski raised a monument to the dead of the First World War in the centre of Algiers. Fifty years later, on ...

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