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Les joueurs d'échecs


Reproduction d'une œuvre

Crédit photographique : © Jacqueline Hyde - Centre Pompidou, MNAM-CCI /Dist. RMN-GP
© Association Marcel Duchamp / Adagp, Paris

À propos de l'œuvre

Marcel Duchamp (1887 - 1968)

Les joueurs d'échecs

décembre 1911

Huile sur toile

50 x 61 cm

Peint à Neuilly-sur-Seine

Achat, 1954

Numéro d'inventaire : AM 3329 P

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Description for the presentation 2015-2016 in the National Museum of Modern Art

Marcel Duchamp’s Les Joueurs d’échecs is a programmatic work, testifying to a new phase in his pictorial practice, which had undergone deep and rapid change since 1908. An enthusiastic chess player himself, he here shows a game between his two brothers, Jacques Villon and Raymond Duchamp-Villon. Painted by gaslight, the work has the sombre tones of the Cubist painting of the same period. At that time, Duchamp was also taking part, with his brothers, in the discussions of the Puteaux group; with its proliferation of forms, the work evidences his interest in the idea of a fourth dimension.

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