L'œuvre Beyond Memory (Serie #1/3) (Au-delà de la mémoire (série n°1/3)) - Centre Pompidou


Beyond Memory (Serie #1/3) (Au-delà de la mémoire (série n°1/3))


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Crédit photographique : © Georges Meguerditchian - Centre Pompidou, MNAM-CCI /Dist. RMN-GP
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À propos de l'œuvre

Hazem Harb (1980 - )

Beyond Memory (Serie #1/3)

(Au-delà de la mémoire (série n°1/3))

(Au-delà de la mémoire (série n°1/3))


Epreuve gélatino-argentique

70 x 100 cm

Inscriptions :Néant

Don du Cercle International - Groupe Moyen-Orient

de la Société des Amis du Musée national d’art moderne, 2015

Numéro d'inventaire : AM 2015-333

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Description for the presentation 2016-2017 in the National Museum of Modern Art

The work of Palestinian artist Hazem Harb is profoundly marked by war, pervaded by a sense of loss, trauma and vulnerability. In the series “Beyond Memory”, Harb uses a variety of archive images – here of boats – which he reworks digitally, inserting geographical or architectural elements suggesting the wall between Israel and the West Bank. These interventions bring actuality and memory together, protesting against the barring of a people

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