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Reproduction d'une œuvre

Crédit photographique : © Philippe Migeat - Centre Pompidou, MNAM-CCI /Dist. RMN-GP
© Cy Twombly Foundation

À propos de l'œuvre

Cy Twombly (1928 - 2011)




368,3 x 89 x 34,3 cm

(Fondeur : Fonderia Cavallari, Rome)

La première version de l'oeuvre se nommait " Victory"

Don de l'artiste en mémoire de Dominique Bozo, 2007

Numéro d'inventaire : AM 2007-218

Description for the presentation 2011 in the National Museum of Modern Art

Cy Twombly’s painting, drawing and sculpture are as timeless as they are unclassifiable. His first sculptures date from the mid-1940s, when he worked a great deal with junk. 1987, he made a wood and plaster Victory, a first version of Untitled (2005). This is inspired by the famous Victory of Samothrace, a Hellenistic Greek monument in which Nike, winged goddess of victory, is shown standing on the prow of a ship. The simple, slender, soaring form – stele, wing and prow in one – is wonderfully suited by the patinated bronze that eliminates the contrast of plaster and salvaged wood that mark...

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