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Documentary Programm 1


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Documentary Programm 1

Cinéma et Vidéo

10 novembre 2012, à 14h00

Petite salle - Centre Pompidou, Paris

entrée libre

IN THE PRESENCE OF RAD HOURANI & VIVIANE FAUNY Best known for his work as a fashion designer, Rad Hourani is also greatly interested by photography and film. In his recently released book (in collaboration with Mykromag), he offers an intimate glimpse into the world of Viviane Fauny, a celebrated model from the 1970s who has worked with legends like Avedon, Penn and Newton. VIVIANE FAUNY by Rad Hourani – 30 min ICONS & MUSES by Sofia Tchkonia – 30 min

Organisateur : DDC / Les cinémas