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Competition 3


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Competition 3

Cinéma et Vidéo

10 novembre 2012, à 14h00

Cinéma 2 - Centre Pompidou, Paris

6€, 4€, LP gratuit

CHARLf DE JOUY by Zoe Hitchen (for Charlie Le Mindu) ON NEW TERMS by Ramon J. Goni (for Showstudio) VISITING HOUR by Marie Schuller (for Showstudio) DO YOU THINK THE END OF THE WORLD WILL COME AT NIGHT TIME? by Vincent Gagliostro DIRECTORfS CUT by Morgan White (for Piers Atkinson) HIGH FLYING BIRD by Thomas Paquet DOPPELGANGER by Gabriel Gettman (for Sister by Sibling) THE LOST JEWEL by Shinsuke Kawahara (for Faberge) TERRORMISU! by Angel Rose PAPERCUT by Rowena True WHAT IS THE FREQUENCY TO BE? by B. Walther, J. Meister, A. Marti & N. Burkhardt 5 MINUTES by Tina Winkhaus THE TOILET áTHE...  lire la suite lire la suite

Organisateur : DDC / Les cinémas