L'œuvre 1x1 foot, 1x1 ell, 1x1 step, 1x1 m - Centre Pompidou


1x1 foot, 1x1 ell, 1x1 step, 1x1 m


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Stanley Brouwn (1935 - 2017)

1x1 foot, 1x1 ell, 1x1 step, 1x1 m

(1x1 pied, 1x1 coude, 1x1 pas, 1x1 m)


Zinc, bois

80 x 305,5 x 128 cm

Inscriptions :MO.D.T.B.DR. et S. sur la 4ème plaque : 1x1 foot, 1x1 ell, 1x1 step, 1x1 m / SB / 89 // Brouwn

Les dimensions, pied, coude, pas, ne sont pas des mesures conventionnelles mais la transcription par l'artiste de son propre corps

4 plaques de zinc alignées sur table à tréteaux

Achat, 1991

Numéro d'inventaire : AM 1991-74

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Description for the presentation 2018 in the National Museum of Modern Art

Stanley Brouwn is a radical conceptual artist who rejects interviews and any writing about or reproduction of his work, so as to leave the whole space clear for the body’s experience of space and time. His favourite theme is the measure of scale and distance, for which he uses not only standard units but also his own body. This work is very precisely composed, consisting of four zinc plates representing unit squares of different measures. The artist seeks to induce an experience of the real in visitors, who activate the work by their mere presence in the space.

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