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Cosmopolis #1

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Crédit photographique : © Arquitectura expandida, Bogota, 2016

À propos de l'événement

Cosmopolis #1


18 octobre 2017 - 18 décembre 2017

de 11h à 21h
Galerie 3 - Centre Pompidou, Paris

10€ pour un accès illimité à la Galerie 3 du 18 octobre au 18 décembre 2017

Le Centre Pompidou présente la première manifestation « Cosmopolis », une plateforme inédite d’exploration des pratiques artistiques enracinées dans la recherche et le partage de savoirs, nourries du dialogue qu’elles engagent avec les enjeux sociaux, urbains et politiques de notre temps. « Cosmopolis#1 » met en lumière les pratiques collaboratives et les collectifs d’artistes, en particulier sur les scènes artistiques d’Asie, d’Afrique et d’Amérique latine. Cette exposition aux formes plastiques variées présente projections, installations et créations. En son cœur, un dispositif vivant pro...

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Organisateur : DDC, K. Weir, C. Ferreira, C. Dinhut, I. Conti, E. Buttrose


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How is knowledge produced, shared, and disseminated? This is the main question addressed by Laagencia, founded in 2000 by Mónica Zamudio, Santiago Pinyol, Mariana Murcia, Diego García, and Sebastián Cruz, and based in Bogota. As part of their research, Laagencia works to map desires and expectations around art and learning. Their project ‘Escuela de garaje’, or ‘Garage school’, brings together groups of local and international artists, architects, and experts from other disciplines to participate in workshops, projections, study groups, and conversations. Laagencia is in residence throughou...

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Founded in Paris in 2013 by Grégory Castéra and Sandra Terdjman, Council brings together different collaborators and forms of knowledge — including arts, science, and civic culture — to foster new understandings of social issues through the production of works and an international program of exhibitions, conferences, and publications. For Cosmopolis #1, Council presents The Against Nature Journal, a project focused on the legal interpretation of the concept of ‘nature’, still widely used to criminalize sexual orientation or regulate individual freedoms and impose norms. The inspiration of t...

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Created in 2012 in Medellín by Olga Acosta, Juan Moreno, Alejandra Jaramillo, Juan D. Restrepo and Jaime Carmona, PorEstosDías center their projects on the sharing of knowledge and experiences. Through projections, meals, and workshops, they craft opportunities to broaden dialogues between disciplines and people. Social and political questions posed in an informal context aim to enable participants to reappropriate issues of life in common, public space, and art, helping to repair rents in the fabric of cities. For Cosmopolis #1, PorEstosDías exhibit their artistic edition ‘La Faltante‘: ea...

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Arquitectura Expandida

Founded in 2010 in Bogota by Felipe Gonzalez, Ana-Maria Lopez Ortego, and Harold Guyaux, Architectura Expandida is conceived as a laboratory of autonomous urban construction. The collective thinks and builds in collaboration with communities that wish  to appropriate the political, social, and cultural management of their public space. By building a neighborhood  movie theater, planning a skating rink, or painting a staircase, they collectively seek to respond creatively to a common need. Arquitectura Expandida also often acts as a think tank, by exploring issues that go beyond specific act...

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Invisible Borders

Founded in 2009 in Nigeria by Emeka Okereke, Invisible Borders investigates the spectrum of knowledge and artistic practices that it may be generated by the road trip. Through collective journeys of photographers, videographers, and writers, Invisible Borders conducts research into possible artistic responses to the unexpected. Okereke comments: ‘’In a world obsessed with artefacts — the physical, final object — as the preferred artistic outcomes, Invisible Borders shifts the gaze to the never-ending, evolutive nature of process. The work produced by the participating artists are precipitat...

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Founded in 2002 by Cho Jieun and Yang Chulmo and based in Seoul, Mixrice presents new perspectives on migration in their works, particulary movements of South Asian workers to Korea. Mixrice often works in collaboration, elliciting personal narratives memories, and aspirations. Based both on research and on very human encounters, their works may take the form of dialogues, video workshops, installations, drawings, and performances in the public space. For Cosmopolis #1, Mixrice provides unique insight into issues of urbanism and ecology by drawing attention to the intersection between the m...

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Art Labor is a collective founded in 2012 in Ho Chi Minh City by artists Phan Thảo Nguyên and Truong Cong Tung and curator Arlette Quynh-Anh Tran. Their practice combines research in the field of social sciences with artistic tools to interact with the public. They have previously collaborated with experts from a variety of disciplines, including anthropologists, archivists, ophthalmologists, farmers, and craftsmen. For Cosmopolis #1, Art Labor recreates a hammock cafe of the type commonly found along the highways, offering Vietnamese-style filter coffee to the public, and presents also a n...

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Chto Delat

The collective Chto Delat (‘What is to be done?’) was founded in 2003 in Saint Petersburg by a group of artists, critics, philosophers, and writers including Dmitry Vilensky, Nikolay Oleinikov, Natalia Pershina, and Olga Egorova. Their work brings together political theory, art, and activism in unexpected ways. A platform for artistic actions aimed at, in the collective’s words, ‘politicizing the production of knowledge’, Chto Delat has developed multiple actions, videos, and installations crossing the boundaries of theater, folk music, and theoretical thinking. For Cosmopolis #1, they pres...

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Foundland Collective

Foundland Collective was founded in 2009 by Lauren Alexander (born 1983, Cape Town) and Ghalia Esrakbi (born 1978, Damascus). Based today between Amsterdam and Cairo, the duo explores numerous artistic forms, ranging from filmmaking and design to performed lectures. The works presented in Cosmopolis #1 turn around the relations of Europe and the United States with the Middle East, furthering a focus developed by the collective since 2011, in the context of the Arab Spring and the war in Syria. The video Maher’s groundplan drawing presents the testimony of a Syrian refugee who maps the layou...

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Chimurenga, a research and publishing platform founded in 2002 in Cape Town, South Africa by Ntone Edjabe, works across the fields of publishing, curating, and broadcasting. It brings together artists, researchers, and musicians around projects that question the history and present of the African continent, as well as the forms of knowledge this generates. Chimurenga‚ means revolutionary struggle‚ in Shona language and also refers to a musical genre linked to the struggle for social justice, created in Zimbabwe by Thomas Mapfumo. As part of Cosmopolis #1, Chimurenga occupies La Colonie (128...

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