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Femme nue assise

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Crédit photographique : © Bertrand Prévost - Centre Pompidou, MNAM-CCI /Dist. RMN-GP
© Adagp, Paris

À propos de l'œuvre

Georges Braque (1882 - 1963)

Femme nue assise

(Femme au torse nu, Femme assise se coiffant)


Huile sur toile

55,5 x 46,5 cm

Donation Louise et Michel Leiris, 1984

Numéro d'inventaire : AM 1984-497

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Description for the presentation in the National Museum of Modern Art

The Fauves’ palette of colours was not apllied solely to nature, but also in the portrayal of models.

Exceptional in Braque’s Fauvist production, this nude largely forsakes flesh-coloured tones in favour of an interplay of contrasts between luminous ochres and purplish or greenish tones, which seem to bleed into the surrounding space. Another painting by the artist (in a private collection) shows a frontal view of the same model in a similar pose.

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