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Dark Blue Panel


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À propos de l'œuvre

Ellsworth Kelly (1923 - )

Dark Blue Panel

(Panneau bleu sombre)


Hauteur et la largeur de l'oeuvre concaves : Hauteur prise au milieu de l'oeuvre (+/- 240 cm à remesurer) Largeur prise au milieu de l'oeuvre : 275,90 cm Selon l'artiste : huile (et non pas acrylique) posée au pinceau (et pas au rouleau)

246 x 281,5 cm

Inscriptions :

MO.D.N.H. sur le rebord replié : EK 1985 # 706

N.S.D.H. sur le châssis : # 706 Kelly 1985

Achat, 1985

Numéro d'inventaire : AM 1985-482

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Description for the presentation 2013 in the National Museum of Modern Art

As from the late Seventies, Kelly’s work included a number of entirely monochrome «shaped canvases» with no internal subdivision, playing on the relationship between the canvas and the wall supporting it. Dark Blue Panel has curious curved edges and drawn out corners that extend the space around the picture. The field of vision seems to broaden, and the space to be inhabited by forces and tensions that foster a dynamic perception of the work. With “shaped canvases”, the eye sees them almost as an object: the picture moves inescapably into the realm of sculpture. The unusually deep, dark sha...

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