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Removed from the crowd


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Source : Bibliothèque Kandinsky

Ivana Bago, Antonia Majaca, Vesna Vukovic
Removed from the crowd

(unexpected encounters I)

Edition : Zagreb / Croatie,  DeLVe Institute for Duration / [BLOK] Local Base for Culture Refreshment

1 vol. (310 p.) ; ill. en noir ; 23 cm


Isbn : 978-953-9-53174-2

Contenu :

- A moment of experimental democracy in the Kádár era : György Galántai's Chapel Studio in Balatonboglár and the social milieu of counter-culture in Hungary in the 1960s and 1970s / Edit Sasvári

- Dissociative association, dionysian socialism, non-action and delayed audience : between action and exodus in the art of the 1960s and 1970s in Yugoslavia / Ivana Bago, Antonia Majaca

- Futures of the past : surviving bodies and revolutionary signs in the 1980s war in Peru / Miguel A. López

- Inversión de la materia : reframing 1980s Chilean conceptualism as performance and transnationalism / Lucian Gomoll and Lissette Olivares

- Rethinking privacy : a double portrait of Geta Bratescu / Alina Serban

- Spaces of the accumulated time : parallel readings, Sanja Ivekovic and Tomislav Gotovac / Vesna Vukovic

- Staging hypothetical encounters : missing links in regional art histories of the former Soviet Union / Mara Traumane

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