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A book of the book


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Source : Bibliothèque Kandinsky

Steven Clay, Max Ernst, Jerome Rothenberg
A book of the book

(some works and projections about the book and writing)


Edition : New York / Etats-Unis,  Granary Books

1 vol. (xiii, 537 p.) ; ill. en noir ; 26 cm


Isbn : 1-887123-28-8

Contenu : The Poetics and Ethnopoetics of the Book and Writing / Jerome Rothenberg -- from "the Book as Machine" / Steve McCaffery and bpNichol -- Notation and the Art of Reading / Karl Young -- from "the Poem as Icon-Reflections on Printing as a Fine Art" / William Everson -- The Book as Physical Object / Keith A. Smith -- The Material Page / Michael Davidson -- My Life a Book / Anne Waldman -- Edmond Jabes and the Question of the Book / Jacques Derrida -- from Desire for a Beginning Dread of one Single End / Edmond Jabes -- The Opening of the Field -- Book / Gertrude Stein -- from the Marriage of Heaven and Hell / William Blake -- from "Introduction" to the Illuminated Blake / David V. Erdman -- from "So Long" / Walt Whitman -- These Flames and Generosities of the Heart: Emily Dickinson and the Illogic of Sumptuary Values / Susan Howe -- From Mallarme's Le Livre / Richard Sieburth -- The Book to Come / Maurice Blanchot -- from the Futurist Moment / Marjorie Perloff -- La Prose Du Transsiberien (facsimile and foldout) / Blaise Cendrars and Sonia Delaunay -- from Destruction of Syntax--Imagination Without Strings--Words-in-Freedom 1913 / F.T. Marinetti -- from "Kruchonykh and the Manuscript Book" / Gerald Janecek -- The One, the Only Book / Velimir Khlebnikov -- The Phenomenon of Adolf Wolfli / John Maizels -- Foreword to the Hundred Headless Woman by Max Ernst / Andre Breton -- from the Hundred Headless Woman / Max Ernst -- Boite-en-Valise / Marcel Duchamp -- Spells and Gris-Gris / Agnes de la Beaumelle -- Spell for Leon Fouks / Antonin Artaud -- from "Composition as Explanation (of Modern and Postmodern Poetries)" / Jerome McGann -- The Book is as Old as Fire and Water -- The Painted Book / Nezahualcoyotl -- Writing in the Imagination of an Oral Poet / Henry Munn -- Toward a Poetics of Polyphony and Translatability / Dennis Tedlock -- Guruwari Designs / Nancy Munn -- Libro Desierto/Desert Book / Cecilia Vicuna -- from the Chinese art of Writing / Jean Francois Billeter -- The Written Face / Roland Barthes -- Hyakunin Isshu: Between Power and Play, an Anthology in Translation / Toshi Ishihara and Linda Reinfeld -- Novelty Books: Accent of Images and Words / Martha L. Carothers -- from Tongues of Men and Angels / William J. Samarin -- Books Within Books: Some Notes on the Kabbalah and the Sefer Yetsirah / David Meltzer -- from Sefer Yetsirah / Anonymous -- Celestial Alphabet Event / Jacques Gaffarel -- from Conversations with Ogotemmeli / Marcel Griaule -- On the Cult of Books / Jorge Luis Borges -- from "Signs and Their Transmission: The Question of the Book in the New World" / Walter D. Mignolo -- The Book to Come -- from The Heart of a Humument / Tom Phillips -- The Artist's Book as Idea and Form / Johanna Drucker -- Introduction to Books and Graphics / Dieter Roth -- The Books of Di[e]ter Rot[h] / Richard Hamilton -- On the Book of Bean / Alison Knowles -- O! / Jess -- Notes on a Humument / Tom Phillips -- Writers Forum--Life By 1000 Books / Lawrence Upton -- from A Smell of Printing / Simon Cutts -- Souvenir De Voyage / Ian Tyson -- Words: An Environment / Allan Kaprow -- When a Book is Not a Book / Thomas A. Vogler -- Afterword to Little Sparta / Alec Finlay -- from Little Sparta / Ian Hamilton Finlay and Robin Gillanders -- Up to and Including Her Limits / Carolee Schneemann -- Interpreting the "Kunstkammer" / Barbara Fahrner and Harriett Watts -- from "Living History: Faith Ringgold's Rendezvous With the Twentieth Century" / Dan Cameron -- from the French Collection, Part 1, #3: The Picnic at Giverny / Faith Ring Gold -- Writing (Under-) Sky: On Xu Bing's Tianshu / John Cayley -- The Art of Immemorability / Charles Bernstein