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Type : texte

Source : Bibliothèque Kandinsky

Jean-Christophe Bailly, Benoît Fougeirol

(limited edition)


Edition : South Pasadena / Etats-Unis,  X Artists' Books

édition de 20 ex. + 4 épreuves d'artiste

1 vol. ; ill. en coul. ; 30 cm


Notes :

"In this limited edition of unbound artist s proofs, the booklets can be laid out open side by side; thus the geographical area is rendered anew, within the printed space. A text by the author, poet, and playwright Jean-Christophe Bailly reflects on the broader significance and lived experience of the ZUS, following a lyrical thread through inhospitable spaces. The edition comprises one subfolder containing a map (61 x 93 cm [36 x 24 in.], unfolded), two 4-page sheets with Bailly s text in French and English, and 11 unbound booklets representing each zone (352 pages total). The booklets contain 11 aerial black-and-white photographs; 11 IGN (National Geographic Institute) map details printed in black and white, and 199 color photographs."

Livre d'artiste, Fougeirol Benoit

Textes en anglais et en français