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Source : Bibliothèque Kandinsky

Raymond Bellour, John G. Hanhardt, Independent Curators Incorporated
Eye for I

(a travelling exhibition organized and circulated by Independent Curators Incorporated, New York
video self-portraits)


Edition : New York / Etats-Unis,  Independent Curators Incorporated

48 p. ; ill. en noir ; 28 cm


Isbn : 0-916365-14-X

Notes :

Exposition, Camden (New Jersey), Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, 1990

Exposition, Ferrare, Centro Video Arte, Palazzo dei Diamanti, 1990

Exposition, Greensboro, Weatherspoon Art Gallery, 1991

Exposition, Milan, Galleria Fac-Similie, 1990

Exposition, Muncie, Ball State University Art Gallery, 1990

Exposition, Santa Barbara, University Art Museum, 1991

Exposition, Vancouver, Vancouver Art Gallery, 1990

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