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Anthony Caro


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Source : Bibliothèque Kandinsky

Anthony Caro, Dave Hickey, Annely Juda, David Juda, Lucy Mitchell-Innes, Annely Juda Fine Art, Mitchell-Innes [and] Nash
Anthony Caro

(Mitchell-Innes [and] Nash, New York, [November 1-December 20, 2002] ; Annely Juda fine art, London, [March 5-April 17, 2003]
the Barbarians)


Edition : New York / London / Etats-Unis,  Mitchell-Innes [and] Nash / Annely Juda Fine Art

57 p. ; ill. en noir et en coul. ; 30 cm


Isbn : 0-9713844-6-0

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Exposition, Londres, Annely Juda Fine Art, 2003

Exposition, New York, Mitchell-Innes [and] Nash, 2002

Textes de Dave Hickey, Lucy Mitchell-Innes, Annely and David Juda