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Alerts regarding rights

The Centre Pompidou does everything within its power to ensure the accuracy of information regarding intellectual property rights for digital contents shown on its site. If such information is inaccurate, it makes every effort to change it as quickly as possible. In compliance with its commitments, the Centre Pompidou provides a special contact form for information exchanges and requests to correct such data. 

Withdrawal form

On-line resources are provided by the Centre Pompidou with the aim of encouraging access to culture whilst respecting the rights of all individuals and bodies concerned.

However, because of the age of some content and the large number of contributors, it is possible, despite our best efforts and the proven and genuine research we have carried out, that some inaccuracies may exist or that it has not been possible to fully identify some rights holders.

In this regard, you can use this form to give us specific information that will enable us to rectify any error relating to intellectual property rights (author’s rights, related rights, etc.) or the image rights of individuals.

We shall do everything in our power to give you a quick response and to meet your request.

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Intellectual property rights (author’s rights, trademark, related rights, etc.)

Image rights
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The Centre Pompidou requires the personal details you send us in order to deal with your request. In compliance with the Law of 6 January 1978 amended on 6 August 2004, relating to information technology, files and freedoms, you have the right to access, correct and object to information about you. This right may be exercised by e-mail to the following address: servicemultimedia@centrepompidou.fr.

I hereby certify that all the information provided on this form is accurate and true.

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If you prefer, you can print this form and send it to us by post.

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