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From its very beginnings the Centre Pompidou has sought to welcome the very widest public and to make high culture accessible to those less likely to participate in it. This is why we have a pro-active policy that seeks to create the conditions for an encounter with art that leads to a moment of shared experience.
Involved in the Vivre Ensemble cultural education programme since 2004, the Centre Pompidou provides a diverse cultural offer together with appropriate mediation and a special price structure, as well as personalised support for professionals and volunteers working in the social sector.

Becoming a social mediator at the Centre Pompidou

Stage 1 (compulsory):

register as a social mediator at the Centre Pompidou

NB: To enjoy the benefits of the programme below, you must fill in the on-line form

Consultation visit 

Come to the Centre Pompidou and discuss your hopes and plans with our team, who can advise you on provision for your particular group and help you clarify what you want to get out of a visit. As a result, we will know better your expectations who and ensure that you can act as a recognised guide for your group and that they benefit from group prices.

Consult our document "Bienvenue au Centre Pompidou"  (in French).

Stage 2 (recommended):

Develop your skills as a group leader in the longer term by taking one of our training courses

We hope you will establish a longer-term partnership with us, and we think you will find the two modules below useful in developing your work:

Intensive course (2 days)

This offers:

  • the essentials for understanding modern and contemporary art;
  • techniques of mediation that you can use in visiting with your group, which will ensure that they are involved and active participants;
  • ideas for workshops to do in your own organisation, before or after a visit.

Two-session training course

Discover participatory techniques, trying out interactive or playful activities that you can use yourself on your visit. Then, guided by Centre Pompidou's staff, explore the Museum or the Exhibitions in preparation for your group visit.

Have a look at our quarterly training programme (in French).

© Manuel Braun

To see Becoming a social mediator at the Centre Pompidou

© Manuel Braun

To see Taking groups to the Centre Pompidou

Taking groups to the Centre Pompidou

Visiting the Centre Pompidou yourself

Visit the Centre Pompidou and view the Museum and the Exhitions on your own.

Organising a guided tour

Guided tours of the Museum or the Exhibitions are available, led by specialists who will present the work in a way suitable to your group, in which discussion and the sharing of individual experiences of the works plays a central role.
Cost: €30

Storytelling visits

Take a journey of exploration through the collections, accompanied by a storyteller who can help articulate the tale each work has to tell. Entertaining, poetic and educational, storytelling offers a wonderful first introduction to the museum and its collections for adults, children and whole families.
Cost: €30


Please book your group visit by phone on 01 44 78 12 57, Monday – Friday, 9.30 am – 1 pm. Don’t forget to say that you are a social mediator, and remember that groups must be no more than 25 people, you included.

Preparing your visit to the Centre Pompidou

Visiting guide dossier

The resource entitled "Dis-moi des œuvres" ("Talking about art") enables you to devise original tour circuits mingling an exploration of the Museum's modern collections and word-based activities. View the online dossier.

Prepare your visit with our online resources.

You can also view our former visiting guide dossiers designed for community outreach organisations.

Please note: most of the works featured in these dossiers are no longer on show.

The visiting guide app

By downloading the free Centre Pompidou app, you can find your way around more easily thanks to a tour with plans, and also rediscover different tour circuits that are regularly updated.

Download the mobile app for iPhone/iPad
Download the mobile app for Android
Download the mobile app for Windows Phone

Teaching dossiers

Over 150 teaching dossiers are available on line, providing documentation on art, its figures and its movements.

Visit to the Centre Pompidou © Manuel Braun

Green Father Christmas campaign of the Secours Populaire Français © Hervé Véronèse

To see Organise a special project with the Centre Pompidou

Organise a special project with the Centre Pompidou

Our team will be happy to develop special projects in partnership with your organisation, projects that connect to your everyday work and which further the Centre Pompidou’s objective of promoting the exchange of ideas, the sharing of feelings, and personal growth through the encounter with art and culture. Here are a few examples of what we have done:

Pour tout bagage… with Emmaüs Solidarité’s Louvel Tessier hostel

For six months, from January to June 2015, a number of residents from Emmaüs Solidarité’s four hostels for the homeless took part in an art workshop organised by the Centre in partnership with the association’s Culture and Citizenship Initiative. The work led to the creation of a suitcase, emblematic object of a life of nomadism and exclusion, packed with memories and dreams. The exhibition held at CHRS Louvel Tessier between June and September 2015 attracted nearly 200 visitors.

Bringing learners of French as second language to the Centre Pompidou

In March 2014, teams from the Centre Pompidou and the Bibliothèque Publique d’Information met with four organisations providing services to people learning French as a second language to offer them a two-part intervention. In the first place, our staff attended the French courses to lead a conversation workshop around the idea of the museum and the theme of that year’s French Language Week: À la folie. Following this, we invited the groups concerned to visit the Centre Pompidou and the BPI for a session of participatory activities.

Christmas with the Secours Populaire

As part of the Green Father Christmas campaign of the Secours Populaire Français, the Centre Pompidou was pleased to host a Christmas event for SPF Seine-St Denis on 18 December 2013. The children who attended enjoyed a guided tour of the Museum, an art workshop, a performance and a Christmas tea.