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The Centre Pompidou’s educational provision is intended to encourage pupils’ interest in every form of contemporary art and design, through personal exploration and the stimulation of both mind and senses, offering them, throughout their schooling, an opportunity to develop a rich and well-rounded personal culture.
The Centre Pompidou thus offers activities that meet the developing needs of both pupils and teachers, taking into account the goals laid down in the national curriculum. Through visits, tours and workshops, classes come to question, experiment and discover as they encounter works in the Museum or in the Exhibitions. The Centre’s goals are:

  • To promote universal access to the national collections
  • To develop pupils’ artistic and cultural practice, and that at their own pace
  • To support teachers’ professional autonomy as they introduce their pupils to art
  • To promote pupils’ reflection on their museum-going and the use they make of it
  • To support and to disseminate contemporary art and design

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Guided tours in the collection © Hervé Véronèse

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Courses for teachers

In partnership with the regional education directorates [académies] of Paris and Créteil, the Centre Pompidou offers courses for teachers and other educators: regional and joint regional open courses, courses in support of initial or continuing teacher training, artist-led creative workshops (PAC) and more.

Courses forming part of the Paris and Créteil regional in-service training plans (PAF) are available at the Centre Pompidou.
The Centre Pompidou also offers teachers free courses to enable them to familiarise themselves with the collection, develop their knowledge and prepare class visits.

The Centre Pompidou’s education team will be happy to support you in developing plans for your visit, assist with course registration or provide further information. Contact them by email here.

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Course topics

The new hang of the modern collections

Every two years or so, the Centre Pompidou’s modern and contemporary collections are rehung. The current hang of the modern collection focuses on key works, leading figures and major movements. This tour for teachers highlights the major issues, looking at landmark moments in art since 1905.

Design at the Centre Pompidou

The Centre Pompidou is a multidisciplinary institution, and its collections include many key works in the history of modern and contemporary design. This tour offers a short history of design in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Photography at the Centre Pompidou

What is the place of photography in the Centre Pompidou? This tour takes in both the Galerie de Photographie (Level -1) and the Museum (Levels 4 and 5). The Galerie de Photographie features a themed photographic exhibition, while the display in the Museum includes a great variety of photographs from 1905 to the present.

Le cinéma du réel

Cinéma du réel is an international film festival organised by the Bibliothèque Publique d’Information that since 1978 has established itself as a major event in the world of international documentary film. With 200 films on the programme every year, it offers an opportunity to encounter the work of filmmakers old and new, to explore both the history of documentary and the most recent trends.

Pierre Paulin

Explore the work of Pierre Paulin at the first major exhibition devoted to this iconic figure, whose distinctive and prolific output made an essential contribution to forty years of post-war design. A designer of products, furniture and interiors, he stood at the boundary between design and architecture, as a creator, sculptor and “landscaper” of space. Whether minimalist or more extravagant, his industrial products, his furniture and his environments were all in the service of the body. With more than sixty items of furniture and some fifty drawings, the exhibition offers a survey of all Paulin’s career, an ongoing dialogue with both history and the human body.

Paul Klee

The tour of this exhibition of the work of Paul Klee, a great artist but also a great teacher himself, is intended to bring out the unity between a subtle creative imagination, its sophisticated formal expression, and a lucid and always contemporary reflection on art and the artist. The Centre Pompidou here offers a new exploration of the work of one of the key artists of the 20th century, a great pioneer of the modern. This thematic retrospective brings together some 250 works from major international collections to cast a fresh eye on the work of Paul Klee, taking as its guide the notion of romantic irony and its corollaries of satire and parody.

Consult the Centre’s resources for teachers

The Centre Pompidou has many digital educational resources available enabling teachers to prepare school visits, structure their own themed tours, or simply for use in class.

Go to digital educational resources

Visit Éduthèque, a free portal offering cultural and scientific resources for teachers.

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