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40 years of expertise and innovation


As France’s national modern and contemporary art center, home to one of the world’s two largest collections in modern & contemporary art, Centre Pompidou develops partnerships with museums, art centers, public administrations and private companies.

With decades of experience in travelling exhibitions, co-creating dedicated spaces for art and culture in Metz in 2010, Málaga in 2015, Louvre Abu Dhabi in 2017, Brussels in 2018, Shanghai in 2019 as well as designing innovative and local mediation projects, spaces and programmes for public or private partners, Centre Pompidou has acquired a vast array of experiences in all fields of cultural expertise. 

Centre Pompidou-Málaga welcomed more than 500,000 visitors during two and a half years, in a city of 600,000 inhabitants. Kanal-Centre Pompidou welcomed more than 60,000 visitors during its first month.


Travelling exhibitions and events

Texte Travelling exhibitions and events

View from the exhibition "Kandinsky, A Retrospective" at Milwaukee Art Museum, © John R. Glembin 2014


One of the world's two leading collections of modern and contemporary art 

The collection of over 120,000 works from all the founding movements in the history of modern and contemporary art includes works by some of the period’s masters such as Vassily Kandinsky, Henri Matisse, André Derain, Sonia Delaunay, Pablo Picasso, Marcel Duchamp, Yves Klein… and covers all fields of creation: the visual arts, drawing, photography, architecture, design, the new media, experimental film and the moving image.

Exhibitions based on Centre Pompidou’s collection, covering every field of creation for its international partners

Centre Pompidou proposes ambitious monographic or thematic exhibitions to its partners, covering all areas of 20th and 21st century art and creation.

These exhibitions have met with great success in the past:
•  “Elles: Women Artists in the Collection of Centre Pompidou” at the CCBB, Rio de Janeiro: 250,000 visitors
•  “Vassily Kandinsky : a Retrospective” at the Palazzo Reale, Milan: 215,000 visitors
•  “Masterpieces from Centre Pompidou” at the Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo: 200,000 visitors

A platform for art and culture professionals

Texte A platform for art and culture professionals

Centre Pompidou Málaga


Expertise integrated at all levels

Centre Pompidou is a reference partner in all fields of art and creation : the definition of a cultural and scientific project, assistance in an acquisition strategy, building management and security, the definition of a visitor strategy, exhibition design, conservation and more.
The variety of services also includes publishing, expertise in communication and in the digital ecosystem.

Innovative tailor-made educational projects

Centre Pompidou develops innovative cultural projects for its partners, with tailor-made spaces, events and workshops, anchored in the local scene.
It proposes travelling exhibition-workshops for young audiences (list of projects is available here) or the conception and set-up of cultural events, outside conventional exhibition venues.

What can you call us for?

Texte What can you call us for?

© Hervé Véronèse 2017


1. Development of a venue

Our technical team helps partners build art and cultural sites, allowing international level of conservation, display and safety for art works.

2. Assistance in conceiving a scientific and cultural project


3. A visitor policy with specific educational programmes


4. Exhibitions from the collection

Our curators conceive exhibitions, either on a specific artist or a theme, in coherence with local context & partners’ wishes. Our architect help with scene design.

5. Tailor-made local multidisciplinary cultural programmes with local artists & cultural institutions

Our team identifies and works with local cultural players in order to build a coherent cultural programme anchored in the local scene with them, including all art forms & diverse events.

6. Workshops & exhibitions for young audiences

Our team conceives and develops travelling workshops & exhibitions for young audience, based on the work of an artist or on a specific theme.

7. Publication & merchandising

Our team makes recommendations on merchandising & publishing policy, and develops specific partnerships for books and merchandising.

8. Staff training programmes

Our team purveys know how on mediation, operations, exhibition design & exhibition production.


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