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Your event at the Centre Pompidou

Your event at the Centre Pompidou

Centre Pompidou by Night © Manuel Braun

With a building that is considered an emblem of 20th-century architecture, an incomparable collection of more than 100,000 artworks and a hugely varied programme of events, the Centre Pompidou is one of the two major museums of modern and contemporary art in the world.

Its strong brand image, large capacity and diversity of spaces in a range of sizes makes it the venue for all kinds of event: product launches, fashion shows, drinks receptions, awards ceremonies, ceremonial addresses, conferences, dinners, seminars, press conferences, marketing presentations and more. The upper piazza (or “Triangle”, as it’s known) offers a street-level public space that is unique in central Paris, while the upper floors of the building offer magnificent and unforgettable views over the city. With a range of spaces of different kinds, moods and sizes, the Centre Pompidou offers a variety of space-hire solutions for every kind of event. Space hire can be combined with access to the museum or exhibitions, with or without guided tour.


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Restaurant + Exhibitions hall (Espace U)

(Level 6, 570 m2 + terrace 248 m2)

Accessed by the escalators, Level 6 houses Galeries 1 and 2, used for major temporary exhibitions, and Restaurant Georges. The restaurant’s panoramic terrace offers your guests a truly spectacular view over Paris. Coupling it with Espace U, which has its own terrace giving onto the external structure of the Centre and the city beyond, will accommodate 1 500 people for a drinks reception.

360° tour of our spaces:
Exhibitions Hall (Espace U), with its own terrace, on level 6
Restaurant Georges, level 6


(Level 5, 70 m2 + terrace 580 m2 inc. 25 m2 of decorative pond)

Levels 4 and 5 house the Museum where the Centre Pompidou’s permanent collection is displayed. Here, two spaces are available for breakfasts or drinks receptions followed by private visits taking in the founding movements and leading figures of modern and contemporary art.

The Museum Entrance Hall and its terrace offer room for 200.
The Salon, with a capacity of 100, is located inside the Modern section of Museum (1905-1965) on Level 5. Its very special location and vast south-facing terrace with sculptures set in a reflective pool make it the venue of choice for an exclusive reception. The terrace will hold up to 200.

360° tour of our spaces:
Salon du Musée, niveau 5
Salon du Musée terrace, level 5

Café le Central, Centre Pompidou

Café le Central © Hervé Véronèse

Café le Central

(Level 1, 780 m2)

On Level 1, Café le Central, designed by the spanish designer Jaime Hayon, looks down over the entrance to the Centre, adjoining Galleries 3 and 4.
It can accommodate 250 people for a drinks reception or seated dinner. Combining it with Terrasse Est will allow you to receive 500 guests.


(Level 0, 2,000 m2)

The Forum is the Centre Pompidou’s vast entrance hall, the heart of the whole building. Its 2 000 square metres house the ticket desks, the information point, the museum shop, the bookshop and a café. One of the largest spaces available for hire, it will hold up to 2 000 people. Its height and scale make it suitable for all sorts of large events.

360° tour of the Forum

The Foyer, Forum −1

(Level −1, 800 m2)

Organise memorable events in the Foyer, level −1, 800 m2 of space comprising the Galerie de Photographies, Cinema 2, the Petite Salle and the Grande Salle.
Our performance venues and adjoining screening rooms are perfect for hosting your welcoming coffee or drinks receptions, conferences and business meetings.

360° tour of the Foyer

Atelier Brancusi 

(428 m2)

Architect Renzo Piano’s reconstruction of Constantin Brancusi’s sculpture studio offers an intimate space in the heart of the city, enjoying zenithal light and opening onto a garden. Suitable for an exclusive reception, it is available for private booking for up to 100 people.

360° tour of the Brancusi Studio

Discover the history of the Brancusi.Studio

Triangle Piazza

(Street level, outside, 330 m2)

Adjoining the Rue Saint-Merri, one of the busiest streets in Paris, which links the Marais with the Forum des Halles, the “Triangle” is the 330 square metre area in front of the Centre that stands above the south end of the sloping Piazza. Level with the street and entirely open to the public, it is the perfect spot for product launches, promotional campaigns or direct marketing.

360° tour of the Triangle

Place Stravinsky

(rue Saint-Merri)

Place Stravinsky is located close to Ircam and the Centre Pompidou. The Fountain – the result of a collaboration between Jean Tinguely and Niki de Saint Phalle – is 17 metres wide by 33 metres long. Within the 580 m2 basin are 16 sculptures inspired by the works of the composer Igor Stravinsky.
The spaces on both sides of the fountain can be privately hired, so they are ideal for public events or film shoots.

360° tour of the Fontaine Stravinsky

Atelier des enfants

(Level 0, 300 m2)

In 2009, the Centre Pompidou unveiled a new Atelier des Enfants aimed at a young audience and families.
In a completely white space, conceived by the mind of designer Mathieu Lehanneur, the three studios offer the flexibility for organising all types of private event: product launches, drinks receptions, birthday parties, ceremonial addresses, fashion shows, private parties, etc.

360° tour of our spaces:
Entrance to the Atelier des Enfants
Atelier des Enfants

Studio 13/16

(Level −1, 250 m2)

In 2010, the Centre Pompidou became the first major museum in the world to create a space especially for adolescents. The unique Studio 13/16 is a generous-sized space of 250 m2 under a double-height, 4.8 m ceiling. Its location on Forum -1 means it is closely associated with the live-show and cinema programmes. In the capable hands of designer Mathieu Lehanneur it has been arranged in a flexible way, in the form of workshops.
The external façade of Studio 13/16 has been designed as a visual medium, a surface for communication, indicating what is going on inside by way of illuminated video panels. It is a shop window that can be dressed according to the event.
Studio 13/16 is available to hire for private parties or business events and offers a unique and compelling atmosphere, located as it is at the heart of the Centre Pompidou, within a unique design space.

360° tour of Studio 13/16



On Level 1 and in Forum −1 the Centre has four rooms for hire,* available for private screenings, meetings, talks, seminars and so on. These rooms have audio-visual facilities adaptable to any kind of event.

360° tour of our spaces:
The Petite Salle (Forum −1, seats 158)
The Grande Salle (Forum −1, seats 384)
Cinéma 1 (Level 1, seats 315)
Cinéma 2 (Forum −1, seats 144)

* Subject to the requirements of the Centre’s own events programme

Location shoots and still photography

Texte Location shoots and still photography

Vue de la terrasse du musée © Manuel Braun

The Centre Pompidou’s unique building, tremendous views over Paris and exceptionally strong brand image make it an outstanding choice for all kinds of shoots, for film, TV and press: features, TV films, documentaries, interviews, advertising photography, fashion shoots and more.

Private guided tours

Texte Private guided tours

Collections of the museum © Manuel Braun

Take in the art and associate your event with the best of today’s art and design

Provide your guests with a unique cultural experience by offering them an exclusive private view of the Centre Pompidou’s Museum and outstanding exhibitions.