Centre Pompidou Accélérations Endowment Fund


The Centre Pompidou Accélérations Endowment Fund was born out of an encounter between the Centre Pompidou and corporations which have decided to engage in a unique dialogue with the artistic world and the teams and audiences of the Centre Pompidou. They all share the conviction that, to shape the world of the future, we must engage and dialogue with the contemporary artistic creation.’

— Matthias Leridon, President of the Centre Pompidou Accélérations Endowment Fund and Serge Lasvignes, President of the Centre Pompidou


Jointly initiated by the Centre Pompidou and the Centre Pompidou Accélérations Endowment Fund, this new form of dialogue is punctuated by four highlights for each season that lasts two years:

  1. The choice of a theme for the season, with the aim of developing reflection on a key issue common to the worlds of art and business.
  2. The organisation of an international and transdisciplinary event. This open-to-all event inaugurates the season and creates a high-level dialogue between company leaders, artists, scientists, managers of non-profit groups, cultural institutions and researchers on the theme of the season.
  3. A series of artist residencies in Centre Pompidou Accélérations members' offices, during which each artist creates a work based on the theme of the season.
  4. A three-month exhibition at the Centre Pompidou, presenting the works produced during the artists residences.

The Centre Pompidou and the Centre Pompidou Accélérations Fund are thus creating an exceptional dialogue between artists, business actors and a broad audience, based on meaningful and forward-thinking ‘shared moments’ and ‘unique experiences’.


Patrons Companies

The Centre Pompidou Accélérations Fund brings together a maximum of ten companies, represented by their CEO.

The seven founding companies are:

  • Axa: Thomas Buberl, CEO
  • Cdiscount: Emmanuel Grenier, CEO and Marie Even, General Secretary and Vice-President of the Fund
  • Neuflize-OBC: Laurent Garret, Chairman of the Board and Vice-President of the FundChairman of the Board and Vice-President of the Fund
  • Orange: Stéphane Richard, CEO
  • SNCF Logistics (Ermewa): Alain Picard, Managing Director
  • Teréga: Dominique Mockly, Managing Director
  • Tilder: Matthias Leridon, CEO and President of the Fund

2018-2019 Season

Texte 2018-2019 Season

"Heart", 2009, Generative Noise Study © Pascal Haudressy


Theme: 'Emotion'

The right to emotion should be asserted. Exacerbated at times through social media, this is more necessary than ever considering today’s world upheavals. The taking into account of emotion in company life is gradually shaking up the standard business model based solely on rationality. The emotion intrinsic to artistic creation is also facing a radical transformation in its realm of perception.
The choice of this theme stemmed from three major transformations which have revolutionised the 21st century:

  • Scientific transformation
  • Social transformation
  • Technological transformation

‘Emotion, which is so often inherent to the interaction between an artwork and its audience, the critical driver of any project, is seen as an exchange, a relationship and a vector. For it is no coincidence that the words ‘emotion’ and ‘locomotion’ share the same etymology. It is the vital energy which transmits movement and enables it to take new directions.'
— Bernard Blistène, Director of the Musée National d’Art Moderne-Centre de création industrielle (MNAM-CCI)


Accélérations event: 'The Powers of Emotion'

The launch of the first season took place on the 14 and 15 September: the Accélérations free and open-to-all event ‘The Powers of Emotion’ offered a participative and innovative programme throughout the entire Centre Pompidou. The public was invited to explore, feel and discover the numerous facets of the powers of emotion through performances, debates, creative family workshops and themed tours of the permanent collections.

In the form of duos, trios, audio presentations and artistic and theatrical performances, around 40 speakers from various  fields, such as artists, company and cultural institution managers, researchers and scientists, came together to explore, transmit and share emotions with the public. Among the presenters were artist Lhola Amira; composer, pianist and academic Karol Beffa; particle physicist Nathalie Besson; singer Camille; neuroscientist Antonio Damasio; professor and CNRS researcher Laurence Devillers; artist Willem Boshoff; pianist duo Jatekok; cartoonist Madame Kam; artist Abd al Malik; visual artist Emo de Medeiros; choreographer Eric Minh Cuong; entrepreneur and expert in empathic robots Jérôme Monceaux and master perfumer Dominique Ropion, in addition to numerous company leaders, with philosopher and psychoanalyst Cynthia Fleury acting as the common thread. The event was a great success with around 3,000 visitors on site and live broadcasts attracting more than 180,000 viewers.

(c) H Véronèse

For programme details and recordings of the event, click here


Artist residencies

Each corporate patron of the Centre Pompidou Accélérations Fund hosted an artist selected on the proposal of the Centre Pompidou’s curators. The artist was asked to create a work on the theme of emotion, thus initiating a ground-breaking dialogue within the company and with its employees. The artists selected for the 2018-2019 residency are:

  • Hubert Duprat (France) - Teréga
  • Lionel Estève (France) -  Cdiscount
  • Alexandre Estrela (Portugal) - Orange
  • Agnès Geoffray (France) - Neuflize OBC
  • Jonathan Monk (United Kingdom) - Axa
  • Camila Oliveira Fairclough (Brazil) - Tilder
  • Bruno Serralongue (France) - Ermewa

The works produced during the residencies are then acquired by the Fund and donated to the Centre Pompidou to join its collections, subject to approval from the MNAM-CCI acquisitions commission.


Exhibition of the season and accompanying publication

The exhibition 'Points de Rencontres' will take place from 23 October 2019 to 27 January 2020. Designed by the curator of the MNAM-CCI, Frédéric Paul, it will present the works created by the artists during their in-company residencies in addition to other works from the collection. A publication featuring all the initiatives of the season will accompany the event.


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