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Since the Centre Pompidou opened in 1977, more than 250 million people have used the emblematic "Chenille", or caterpillar escalators on the front of the building, serving all levels of the Centre Pompidou, as well as the Canopy, the main entrance.

In order to soon be able to welcome you in optimal conditions, these areas will be fully renovated and modernised.

All spaces in the Centre Pompidou will remain open during the works, including the boutiques and restaurants, and opening hours will remain unchanged.


Keep track of the work!

27 August 2019: the Piazza will be closed.
Until completion of the works, the Centre Pompidou must be accessed by Rue Beaubourg, but the caterpillar will continue to operate.

4 March 2020: the caterpillar will be completely shut down.
Visitors can move about and access the floors using the existing elevators and the provisional elevators installed specifically for this purpose.

May 2021: the caterpillar, the Piazza and the new Canopy will again be open to the public.


Access for people with disabilities, and access to Brancusi's Studio, will remain unchanged during the works.

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In order to provide a seamless and fluid reception service for visitors to the Centre Pompidou and the Public Information Library (Bpi), the caterpillar and the Canopy will be modernised over the same period.

To provide direct access to levels 5 and 6, three large temporary elevators will be installed on the facade of the building, in addition to the existing elevators, which will remain operational and will serve all levels.

A system of signs to guide visitors will be installed outside, on the hoarding around the work site, and inside the building.

Many reception staff will also be present to assist you and answer your questions.


Followed by… more fluid access, a single entrance

The escalators and all the glazed panels in the caterpillar and the corridors will be replaced, considerably improving the thermal comfort of these very busy passageways.

Six revolving doors will be installed in the new Canopy with a new system of signs. The renovated and enlarged entrance will provide optimal conditions for public access, reception and safety; it will afford greater fluidity and better flow management.

It will also enable the public to again access the Public Information Library via the Piazza, as when the Centre Pompidou was first opened, thus enhancing public circulation between the open-plan spaces, designed to receive both a museum and a centre for creation, where the plastic arts go hand in hand with film, music, live shows, books and research, as well discussion and debating.

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To improve access to exhibitions, the Centre Pompidou is introducing for the first time a mandatory advance-reservation system with a choice of time slots.

Time slot reservations apply to all visitors.

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