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During the holiday season, please note that the Centre Pompidou will be closing at 7 p.m. on both Monday the 24th and Monday the 31st of December.
The ticket offices will be open until 6 p.m.
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Modern Collections (1905-1965)

27 May, 2015 - 31 December, 2018

Museum - Level 5


Starting on 27 May 2015, the Centre Pompidou is exhibiting a new presentation of its modern collection from 1905 to 1965. This circuit, now reworked in depth, returns to a chronological format featuring major historical milestones, introducing visitors to key figures, works and movements making up the history of modern art, together with the "go-betweens" who helped to construct the history of modernity.

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En ce moment, au cœur du parcours dans les collections modernes :


History/Histories of a Collection

May 25, 2018 - April 15, 2019

Museum - Level 5


Over 120 works, accompanied by an all-new documentary system, explore the identity of the Musée National d’Art Moderne and its predecessors from the 1920s to the opening of the Centre Pompidou.

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Contemporary collections (from the 60s)


September 20, 2017 - December 31, 2018

Museum - Level 4


The contemporary collections have been newly rehung. Rooms devoted to individual artists or distinctive themes offer insight into the key moments in the contemporary art of the last forty years. Particular attention has been given to French work in all disciplines. 

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Au cœur du parcours des collections contemporaines :


Maya Dunietz : Thicket

September 26, 2018 - February 4, 2019

Museum - Level 4


For the France-Israel season, the Centre Pompidou presents Thicket by artist Maya Dunietz, both a sculpture and device, an installation of ten thousand earphones forming an immense "acoustic cloud" that combines image and sound. This installation is also the setting for the artist's live performances.

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Brancusi's Studio

Atelier Brancusi, Piazza Centre Pompidou

Free entrance, from 2p.m. to 18p.m. every day (except Tuesdays and 1st of May)

Born in Romania in 1876, Constantin Brancusi lived and worked in Paris from 1904 until his death in 1957. In his will, he bequeathed his entire studio to the French state.
An exact reconstruction of this was made in 1997 on the piazza opposite the Centre Pompidou to house his collection, consisting of 137 sculptures, 87 bases, 41 drawings, two paintings and over 1 600 glass photographic plates and original prints.

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Une saison roumaine au Centre Pompidou

Une saison roumaine au Centre Pompidou - EXPOSITIONS AU MUSEE, à partir du 28 novembre 2018

Atelier Brancusi © Manuel Braun 2014

À partir du 28 novembre 2018

Atelier Brancusi ; Musée - Niveaux 4 et 5


La saison France-Roumanie 2018 est l’occasion de revenir sur un moment essentiel dans l’histoire des dynamiques culturelles internationales du 20e siècle, pour lesquelles Paris est longtemps restée la plaque tournante d’éclosion et d’affirmation, et où les acteurs des scènes artistiques de l’Europe Centrale et de l’Est jouèrent un rôle de premier plan. Le Centre Pompidou a choisi d'éclairer cette histoire à partir de ses collections et quelques figures fondatrices de la modernité artistique et des avant-gardes.

Matisse - Pallady et La Blouse roumaine : Deux artistes sous la censure

Musée - niveau 5, salle 7

Mihai Olos

28 novembre 2018 - 25 février 2019
Galerie de l'Atelier Brancusi

André Cadere : Pas à pas


Gherasim Luca : Héros-limite

28 novembre 2018 - 7 janvier 2019
Musée - niveau 5, salle Focus

Ciprian Muresan et Serban Savu : L'Entretien infini

Musée - niveau 4, galerie 0

Adrian Ghenie : The Darwin Room, 2013-2014

Musée - niveau 4, galerie 0

Ponctuations : Parcours dans les collections

Musée - niveaux 4 et 5

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