Centre Pompidou Visits

Guided audio tours through the exhibitions and permanent collection

Exhibition « Dora Maar »

Today, an investigation about Dora Maar, photographer and painter, who was active in the artistic movements and political fights of her time.


Realised by: Jean-Claude Taki - Written by: Céline Delavaux - Voices: Elina Löwensohn and Marc Barbé - Sound design: Fabrice Naud

Exhibition « Prehistory, A Modern Enigma »

A conversation on the depth of time that unsettles certainties and provides a new perspective on contemporary and modern artworks.


Direction: Jean-Claude Taki - Text: Céline Delavaux - Voices: Elina Löwensohn and Marc Barbé - Sound editing: Fabrice Naud - Recording and mixing: Ivan Gariel

Exhibition « Bernard Frize »

Bernard Frize reviews his retrospective exhibition, «Without Remorse». He also discusses his relationship with the daily work he loves: painting in his studio. Lastly, he talks about his pictorial research: it is never-ending and constantly turned towards the next painting.

In french.


Credit: Le Bruit de l'art

Tour through the collections

Presentation of Modern Collection (1905-1965)

Bart van der Leck, « Compositie n°3 », 1916 © Adagp, Paris 2015. photo : Ph. Migeat - Centre Pompidou, Mnam-Cci / Dist. Rmn-Gp

Discover or rediscover fifteen major works from the modern and contemporary art collection. Gain greater perspective on the creative backdrop for these works through an insightful approach based on small detail.


Text: Olivier Liron - Musical composition: Théophile Demarcq - Voices: Jocelyne Desverchère, Olivier Liron, Olivier Martinaud - Production: Ivan Gariel

Galleries of the 20th century

This visit showcases the new “file-rooms” located on Level 5 of the Museum and dedicated to the major art dealers who were active in France between 1905 and 1970.

(in French).


Interviews by Victoria Le Boloch and Florian Champagne with Julie Verlaine, art historian, Christian Briend, Marjolaine Beuzard, Nathalie Ernoult et Ariane Coulondre, curators of the exhibition.  

Views of Paris

Enjoy the breathtaking view from the 6th floor of Centre Pompidou and embark on a journey filled with humour and suspense as you investigate Paris and its monuments. Follow Detective Maxwell and his loyal assistant Marconi and discover the history behind these famous Parisian sites. 


Text: Pierre Senges - Production: Laure Egoroff - Voices: Laurent Lederer, Philippe Magnan - Recording: Ivan Gariel


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