Prisme 7

A fun and educational video game

to discover some great works in the collection of the Centre Pompidou

and explore the main principles of artistic creation: observe, learn, deconstruct and create


from 12 years old

available for free on mobile (IOS/Android) and computer (PC/Mac)

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Plunge in an immersive world...

Texte Plunge in an immersive world...

in a poetic, artistic world


Designed by digital artists, Prisme 7 offers you an adventure in a poetic, artistic world among some of the greatest works in the collection of the Musée national d'art moderne, the biggest in Europe.

Across 7 levels, from Mondrian to Warhol and Veilhan, unlock the masterpieces of the Centre Pompidou in each challenge, to build and add to your own virtual gallery.



Across 7 levels

Texte Across 7 levels


Colour and Function

In a work, a colour may have its own function, its own referent. On this level, each colour represents a specific function. Assign a colour to the objects that don’t have one in order to continue.

Colour and Systems

In this level, which is divided into two visual systems, you must group the colours across the mirror according to a principle of symmetry.

Colour and Activism

In a world resembling a large, dehumanised city, the inhabitants are a resource that allow you to discover certain passages, and the city becomes a large mechanical system to manipulate.

Colour and Emotion

A world without colour is a world that cannot exist. Colour every corner of this level to reveal the structure and restore the environment.

Colour and Spirituality

Walk through this colourful space filled with abstract forms, where each zone must be activated using the correct object and colour. Try to match them in a way that goes beyond the symbolism of shapes and colour codes.

Light and Physics

Light can become a physical marker in space. Use your avatar’s light to forge a path and access zones that were previously out of reach. Although the light casts shadows, it also creates paths that turn out to be very real!

Light and Immersion

Light can become one body with space. Experiment by playing at the edge of your light and shadow Your movement in the space will create unexpected forms that will eventually reveal, in a perfect layout, a shadow that turns out to be... Your own work!


Ludique et pédagogique, Prisme7 a été conçu pour sensibiliser les publics jeune et adolescent à la création moderne et contemporaine.

Afin d’accompagner un usage pédagogique du jeu, des contenus additionnels sont disponibles depuis la plateforme Éduthèque du Ministère de l’Éducation nationale et de la jeunesse :

  • Un document de présentation du jeu avec un tutoriel pour débloquer les niveaux du jeu, ainsi que les notices d’œuvres pour que les enseignants puissent parcourir l’ensemble du jeu aisément.
  • Des pistes d’ateliers et d’exploitations pédagogiques conçues en lien avec les programmes scolaires du cycle 4 et du lycée, valorisant des exploitations transdisciplinaires et permettant des pratiques pédagogiques novatrices, telle la classe inversée.
  • L’accès aux croquis préparatoires du jeu vidéo (storyboards) qui s’insère dans une logique de mise en lumière du processus de réflexion et de conception du jeu.

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