Thought and Debate


Spotlight on arts and science, with debates and performances, spotlights on designers, writers, film-makers, thinkers. The Centre Pompidou proposes nearly eighty meetings, debates, conversations and conferences every year.

Although these events mainly echo the programme at the Centre Pompidou, the Spotlight often leaves the conference rooms to take part in a more animated conversation with the public on questions of society, for greater cross-disciplinarity and to provide a clearer reflection of new modes and networks for disseminating ideas.

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The Observatory of the Passions

Philippe Mangeot


Former president of Act Up Paris, one of the founders of the journal Vacarme, joint scriptwriter of the film 120 Battements par minute, Philippe Mangeot has been at the heart of the struggles that have sought to reshape France over the last twenty years.

The Centre Pompidou's guest of the year invites researchers from different disciplines (history, political science, philosophy and psychoanalysis) to question the space occupied by the object "passions", and to envisage the new archive of passions constituted by the Internet.

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Encyclopedia of wars

Jean-Yves Jouannais


L'Encyclopédie des guerres is a literary work in progress that will never take the form of a book. It has been elaborated progressively in the course of monthly conference-performances, at the Centre Pompidou since September 2008.

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Regular events


Artists and Curators

A cycle of unique, forward-looking meetings between artists and curators who have never previously worked together.

Chroniques russes

One Wednesday a month
A cycle for retracing the history of art in Russia and the USSR from the early 20th century to the present day.

Design marabout

One-off conferences exploring the forward-looking field of design in a spirit of open-mindedness and curiosity.

Heure(s) de Chine

Once a month
A new cycle of meetings dedicated to China, at the crossroads between artistic creation and the world of ideas – in echo to the project for the opening of a Centre Pompidou in Shanghai.

In vivo

A cycle dedicated to performance art with the participation of an artist from the contemporary collections at the Centre Pompidou, who is invited to discuss their work and/or show an action.

Littérature en scène

One Monday a month at 7pm
A cycle for entering the heart of literature by listening to a read text.

Spotlights on exhibitions

One-off meetings in connection with the programme or artistic and cultural news.


All sessions are listed in the programme