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Pauline L. Boulba

La langue brisée

29 Oct 2020

The event is over

«La langue brisée, meaning “Broken Tongue”, recounts my relationship with Two discussions of an anterior event, a piece by choreographer Jennifer Lacey (2004) which I discovered as a video one day. I use the pronoun “she”, thus giving this piece the same status as a lover. I extrapolate this story as a spectator, using choreographic quotations from the original piece but transforming the gestures which touched me and which I made my own. Two discussions of an anterior event became a pretext for talking about my work, revealing a (self)critique, my coming-out.


29 Oct 2020
20h - 21h30

Event postponed


Grande salle - Centre Pompidou, Paris

Pauline Le Boulba, La langue brisée

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