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Fab-lab workshops

The Centre Pompidou invites kids and grown-ups to La Fabrique, a fab-lab equipped with a laser cutting machine, 3D scanner & printer, sewing machine and more, to combine "doing" with "imagining" and to explore the processes behind producing works.  


Every quarter, a designer reveals their creative process combining visual arts and technological tools, and guides you from start to finish in the production of a collective work for younger audiences, or an original object for adult visitors. With all activities, everyone gets to explore their collaborative spirit to the full.  

For 8-12 years

Temporarily closed


Become an "apprentice maker": over the weeks, contribute to the creation of a collective work based on an original scenario concocted in advance by the guest artist. All newcomers can take part in the story, on a once-off or regular basis, at any given time of the cycle. The project evolves with each session, according to the children's suggestions and their discussions in the company of the artist.  


Saturdays and Sundays, from 2pm to 4pm 

During school holidays: daily from 2pm to 4pm 

For adults

Workshop Do It! 

Temporarily closed


Every month, experiment with creation and the latest technology in the company of a designer who will guide you from start to finish in the production of an original object. You can create a new object during each session, take it home and build your personal collection of design objects "made in La Fabrique at the Centre Pompidou"! 


One Thursday per month, at 7pm 

Duration: 2 hours 30 mins