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Rules of the Game for the Centre Pompidou’s Professional School

By the Indéprimeuse

"The idea behind this concept is to keep traces of the printer’s work, such as elements of graphic construction. The aim is to adapt visual forms to the professional school’s identity, by shedding light on modest, silent and invisible professional work. It is about questioning the work that leads to the creation of art, and demonstrating how effort and expertise also lead to the creation of art.


By proposing the Rules of the Game for the Centre Pompidou’s Professional School in the form of a rough final printer’s proof, I hope to pay homage to my profession as a printer by showing what is normally kept out of sight. I also want to pay tribute to the professional school whose aspiration is to raise questions about the professional world.


By displaying a plate with visible cut marks, trim marks, cromalins and the binding method, I am trying to show that the professional world hides away many beautiful aspects which are just waiting to be discovered.


This plate is composed of 14 visuals, each one telling us a little more about how to behave in a museum, with the hope of raising a smile. To this end, I have put my job at the service of art: printing letters, formats, colours and transparencies."