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The professional school’s podcasts

A series of 3 podcasts addressing the transformations to our ways of working and the possible interactions with art. 

Through the testimonies of 4 professionals from the fields of art, human sciences and business and through the interdisciplinary resources of the Centre Pompidou, these podcasts shed light onto key themes today’s world of business. 


The podcasts address key challenges from our present-day society and are aimed at professionals as well as the general public. 

Episode 1. Which innovation for the 21st century? 

The portmanteau word "innovation" is seen as a key word by companies, embodying scientific and technical development, but above all social and economic process. Perhaps the time has come to promote responsible and sustainable innovation for the good of the general public? 


With Marie-Ange Brayer (curator at Mnam, Centre Pompidou), Laurie Bellanca (artist), Patrick Peureux (Head of Innovation at Air France Industries), Mathieu Potte-Bonneville (philosopher, Head of the Department for Culture and Creation of the Centre Pompidou). 

Episode 2: Business as unusual: Art, business and commitment 

CSR, raison d’être, business with a purpose... How do companies redefine their role in order to favour major evolutions in our society?


With Pascal Demurger (Head of MAIF), Joëlle Zask (philosopher), Camille Morineau (curator, head of AWARE), Bruno Serralongue (artist). 

Episode 3. Digital media: From a new El Dorado to a contemporary nightmare?

Digital media has transformed both society and business. It is a fantastic resource and a powerful tool, both economic and political. How should we address issues relating to digital technologies today? And how does art embrace these issues?


With Xavier de la Porte (journalist), Bertrand Dezoteux (artist), Marcella Lista (curator at the Mnam, Centre Pompidou), Sénamé Koffi Agdodjinou (architect, anthropologist and entrepreneur). 


Writing and producing: Éloïse Guénard et Nastasia Hadjadji - Editing: Antoine Dahan - Musical design: Sixième son - Composing: Laurie Bellanca and Benjamin Chaval 
Head of publishing and production: Clara Gouraud and Eloïse Guénard 
Episode 1: Music: Boris Vian, Orelsan - Film extracts: L’An 01, Jacques Doillon, Alain Resnais, Jean Rouch 
Episode 2: Music: Ben Harper, Marie Davidson 
Episode 3: Music: Aphex Twin, Betrand Dezoteux, Ryoji Ikeda