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School groups

The educational action of the Centre Pompidou fosters encounters between school-goers and art & creation. It invites all pupils to build a rich and coherent personal culture throughout their school years

It works to: 

  • promote access for all to national collections 
  • develop artistic and cultural activities in line with the pupils’ own pace
  • foster the independence of teachers in the discovery of art
  • offer school-goers an active visit by questioning their uses and techniques 
  • support and transmit contemporary creation, etc. 

In keeping with its open spirit and aim to make culture and creation accessible to as many people as possible, all the Centre Pompidou’s tours and workshops catering to schools are free of charge. 

You need to book activities in advance.

We recommend doing so as soon as possible, to be able to prepare for your tour smoothly.

Program 2023-2024

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Newsletter and contact

There is only one address for enquiries and for the subscription to the teachers' newsletter:

In the shop

"L'Art en jeu", the Centre Pompidou's iconic collection of books for young people, is a fun way to learn about art.