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The Centre Pompidou organises activities for children of 2 and teenagers: workshops, exhibitions, and meetings with contemporary artists and designers all help develop their interest in the arts.

The aim is to expand the imagination, using contemporary art and design as a means of developing a personal capacity for visual appreciation and a more sophisticated grasp of the world. Whatever the field concerned might be, each project is based on everyday experience and aims to develop the senses so as to enrich children’s perceptions of the world and their experience of art and design.

The Centre Pompidou is happy to share its skills and experience, develop travelling exhibitions and other projects to promote learning and growth through play and hands-on experiment. First staged at the Centre Pompidou, the exhibitions can be adapted to each venue or used as a starting point for further educational activities. A project leader will visit to train staff in preparation for the opening of the exhibition at the host institution.

Intended for a broad public, the exhibitions are suitable both for school visits and individual children accompanied by their parents or carers.


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Mon Œil

Mon Œil, L'exposition-atelier

Mon Œil © Stéphane Kiehl

An exhibition/workshop on point of view

Mon Œil, the lead character in the Centre Pompidou’s web series for children, asked five artists – illustrators and graphic designers – to come up with interactive installations enabling children to immerse themselves in their distinctive and colourful visual worlds. There are adventures in looking for young and old: hunting for motifs with Raphaël Garnier, discovering the architectural secrets of the Centre Pompidou with Vincent Broquaire, playing with reflections on Pierre Vanni’s balloon, shifting about Paul Cox’s mobile modules to get a better view, and creating coloured compositions with the forms conceived by Stéphane Kiehl. From animated films to visual arts workshops, each artist shares his perspective on making art.

Children of 5 and above



Texte Sandcastles

Sandcastles © Hervé-Véronèse, Centre Pompidou

An exhibition/workshop on architecture conceived by Jean-Yves Jouannais

The aim is to use the sand on the board provided to construct, within the time available, the best or most interesting looking building using plans based on structures in the Centre Pompidou’s architecture collection.
With sculpting tools, the heap of sand can become a tower, a factory, a bridge, a museum…
Each group then names its building and puts it on the drying table, before making way for the following group.

Children of 6 and above and their parents/carers


Le Blobterre de matali

Texte Le Blobterre de matali

Le Blobterre de matali © Simon Bouisson, matali crasset productions

An installation by matali crasset, designer

A round seed rolls about on the ground then grows in record time to become an extratoof: Blobterre has been born. Blobterre is a world of its own, with its own logic, its own systems, its own vegetation, inhabitants, smells, noises, etc.
This is a unique work that encourages exploration and questioning of the world around and about us. To enter it is to experience a moment of attention and discovery.

Children of 6 and above and their parents/carers


The adventure of objects

Texte The adventure of objects

The adventure of objects

An exhibition/workshop on Arman

“L’aventure des objets” offers children an interactive experience based on the work of the artist Arman.
Immersed in a “poetry factory” conceived by designer Adrien Rovero, children explore together the gestures involved in the transformation of objects: collecting, accumulating, transforming, reorganising, etc.

Children of 3 and above and their parents/carers


What circus!

Texte What circus!

© Hervé Véronèse, Centre Pompidou

An exhibition/workshop on Alexander Calder

“What circus” offers a playful and creative shared experience allowing children and parents to explore together the work of Alexander Calder, one of the stars of 20th-century sculpture.
Through manipulating coloured forms and everyday materials, and simple mechanical actions such as blowing, pushing and turning, young participants explore the ideas of balance and movement, composition, drawing in space, solid and void, performance, and more. The activities and presentations allow children to discover, question and experiment with Calder’s artistic vocabulary.

Children of 6 and above and their parents/carers


De la lettre à l’image

Texte De la lettre à l’image

© Hervé Véronèse, Centre Pompidou

An exhibition/workshop

This exhibition looks at the poetic possibilities of letters and their transformation, with a series of 16 playful interactive installations associated with reproductions of contemporary artworks.
The exhibition offers an opportunity to introduce children to the artistic possibilities of the letter as they start to learn to read and write.

Children of 6 and above and their parents/carers


Diversion of objects

Texte Diversion of objects

© Georges Méguerditchian, Centre Pompidou

A project by Claude Courtecuisse, designer

The exhibition “Détours d’objets” offers children a playful look at things through the unexpected stackings of everyday objects produced by French designer Claude Courtecuisse.
The theme of the object is explored through drawing, sculpture and photography in a flexible exhibition that promotes reflection on the way objects are positioned and apprehended. An interactive multimedia display allows users themselves to experiment with the stacking technique by manipulating a selection of images.

Children of 6 and above and their parents/carers


Materials for projection

Texte Materials for projection

© Hervé Véronèse, Centre Pompidou

An exhibition/workshop on the projected image

Playful and participatory, this workshop invites children into an interactive world where they themselves become the creators.
The exhibition is designed around a simple device, the overhead projector. Today often relegated to the back of the cupboard, replaced by sophisticated digital alternatives, it is today being taken up by artists and put to creative use.

Children of 5 and above and their parents/carers


Journey through the City: “Sous la Lune II”

Texte Journey through the City: “Sous la Lune II”

Sous la Lune II © Museo de la Ciudad - Mexico, Mexique

A game/artwork by Miquel Navarro, sculptor

The game/artwork “Sous la lune II” by sculptor Miquel Navarro encourages children to explore not just the ideas of verticality, horizontality, form, and structure but also issues in architecture and urban planning.
The work takes the form of an imaginary city to be constructed of thousands of metal elements of different shapes, inviting children to build their own cities by combining the various forms conceived by the artist.

Children of 5 and above


To everyone their point of view

Texte To everyone their point of view

© Hervé Véronèse, Centre Pompidou

A workshop on Henri Cartier-Bresson and photography

This workshop offers a range of activities to develop children’s sense of the visual while having fun. To frame a detail, to change scale, to creep up quietly on a subject (as Cartier-Bresson recommended), to play with light and shade, is to come into intimate visual contact with the world around, to come up close to things.

Children of 3 to 8 and their parents/carers


Recreation Centre

Texte Recreation Centre

Recreation Centre © Hervé Véronèse, Centre Pompidou

A workshop by Peter Robinson, artist

Organised around the theme of play, Recreation Centre is an interactive artwork consisting of pliable forms in felt.
Children are invited to manipulate, to play, to create their own games/artworks while inventing their own rules. Like the game of hopscotch, their sometimes abstract, sometimes recognisable compositions allow endless possibilities.

Children of 2 to 10 and their parents/carers


The plastic garden

Texte The plastic garden

The plastic garden © C. Dalecki

An installation by Christophe Dalecki, artist

Playful and participatory, this installation-workshop invites young visitors to enter the world of artist Christophe Dalecki in creating with him a garden of the imagination.
As in nature itself, time plays a fundamental role, as the garden grows and develops over the weeks.

Children of 6 and above and their parents/carers



Texte Transformations

Transformations © Hervé Véronèse, Centre Pompidou

Drawing and dance workshop

Initially developed in connection with the “Danser sa vie” exhibition staged at the Centre Pompidou between November 2011 and April 2012, the workshop offers activities combining dance and visual art. The workshop is conducted by an artist/workshop-leader and a dancer.

Children of 6 and above and their parents/carers



Texte Mécacollages

Mécacollages © Jean-Claude Planchet, 2012

A workshop based on Erró’s collages

Erró makes his “mécacollages” by cutting out illustrations from scientific and technical journals and arranging them to produce Surrealistic hybrid creations. Using similar materials, the raw material for the workshop, children will use collage technique to produce self-portraits.

Children of 6 and above


Ces objets qui ne manquent pas d’air

Texte Ces objets qui ne manquent pas d’air

© Hervé Véronèse, Centre Pompidou

An exploratory design workshop about air

The workshop invites children to think about “air” through creative and exploratory activities. Taken as a material, it is investigated, collected, used and represented.
To explore the environment in terms of the surrounding air is to come to know and understand the world around us, to think about the space between things, and the activities that take place in it.

Children of 6 and above and their parents/carers


Module Home

Texte Module Home

Module Home © Museo de la Ciudad Mexico

A future-design workshop conceived by matali crasset, designer

“Module Home” is a programme of activities developed by designer matali crasset for the “Habiter 2050” event. The workshop invites children to imagine their everyday life in the future through the invention of objects and “living scenarios.” Paper is cut and formed to produce a selection of modules that can be adapted to the requirements of such actions as “travelling”, “sleeping”, “cleaning”, etc.

Children of 6 and above and their parents/carers


Studio 13/16 extramural services

Texte Studio 13/16 extramural services

© Hervé Véronèse, Centre Pompidou

In 2010, the Centre Pompidou became the first major museum to create a space specifically for teenagers. This unique project offers children of 13 to 16 an inventive and ever-changing programme that addresses their distinctive interests, the goal being to encourage their engagement with the process of creation in the arts that they enjoy – more particularly through offering opportunities to meet with practitioners.
The project leaders at Studio 13/16 can suggest special programmes for the Centre Pompidou’s partners: please contact us.

Teenagers of 13-16