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1977-2017. The Centre Pompidou is 40 years old!

In 2017, the Centre Pompidou is celebrating its 40th anniversary all over France. To share this celebration with as many people as possible, it is presenting a completely new programme of exhibitions, exceptional loans, and events throughout the year.

Discover the programme of the Centre Pompidou's 40th anniversary all over France

An anniversary shared throughout France with all audiences

Exhibitions, shows and get-togethers will be presented in forty French cities, in partnership with a museum, a contemporary art centre, a theatre or a festival.

Right up to early 2018, in forty cities from Grenoble to Lille by way of Le François in Martinique, Chambord and Nice, ranging from evening events to six-month exhibitions, proposals mingling exhibitions, concerts, theatre, dance and talks invite every type of audience to experience and share the originality of the Centre Pompidou.

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"I want the Centre Pompidou's 40th anniversary to be a celebration of artistic creation everywhere in France; for it to illustrate the vitality of cultural institutions that share the Centre Pompidou spirit; for it to celebrate the links forged with artists, museums, art centres, theatres and festivals, and develop and enrich a long history of shared projects fostering art and creation; for it to be an opportunity to reach out to people who have loved the Centre Pompidou for 40 years, and to new audiences as well. The Centre Pompidou's anniversary involves the whole territory through a wide range of events, designed to inspire, assist, foster and facilitate projects," says Serge Lasvignes, President of the Centre Pompidou.

An anniversary programme at the Centre Pompidou

The entire year's programme at the Centre Pompidou will be part of this anniversary, celebrating the rich variety of the Centre Pompidou's collection and the meetings of artistic disciplines, on stage or on the screen. 

Its founder, Georges Pompidou, wanted Paris to have "a cultural centre that was both a museum and centre of creation, where the visual arts would mingle with music, film and books." 

Forty years on, the Centre Pompidou, the first of a new generation of cultural centres, has become a major cultural player both within and outside France. In one venue, it brings together a collection of over 100,000 works, a public reading library (the BPI), auditoriums for films and shows, a musical research Institute (IRCAM), and areas for educational activities.

It presents some twenty-five temporary exhibitions each year. Both an internationally recognised reference and a place of forward thinking, it is also a popular venue that tirelessly seeks to broaden its audiences through its programme and projects. Its revolutionary building has become an icon of 20th century architecture and the embodiment of a spirit. It is eminently accessible to the city and its visitors; every type of artistic expression is found within it, transcending barriers and hierarchies between the arts, and constantly stimulating curiosity. In forty years, it has welcomed, surprised, charmed, provoked, questioned and moved over 100 million visitors. 

This anniversary year opens at the Centre Pompidou with the first comprehensive retrospective of the work of American artist Cy Twombly. On an unprecedented scale, it includes exceptional loans from public and private collections all over the world, and retraces his entire career through a chronological circuit of 140 paintings, sculptures, drawings and photographs. 

Other new exhibitions celebrate the work of American photographer Walker Evans, British painter David Hockney and French artist César...


A look back at words! A selection of 40 sessions of live talk, lectures and meetings that have marked the history of the Centre Pompidou, and a collection of 17 filmed interviews, celebrating its 40th anniversary. You'll find a new selection every Friday throughout 2017!