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The Centre Pompidou app

To see The Centre Pompidou app

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A free app for smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) so that you can prepare, accompany and prolong your visit from your home or school and at the Centre Pompidou.
You can explore the museum and its rooms through a tour with plans, appreciate its amazing masterpieces, and visit the exhibitions of the moment.
Thanks to a new dynamic chronology, you can immerse yourself in the glorious sweep of modern and contemporary creation, with its key figures and founding movements.
The app also provides everything you need to prepare your visit efficiently, including the calendar, prices, opening times, plans of the rules, search engine and services.


The app invites you to explore the biggest collection of modern and contemporary art in Europe, with its paintings, sculptures, drawings, installations, photography, furniture and various models. You enter the world of modern and contemporary art creation through an itinerary of over 200 masterpieces, by artists ranging from Wassily Kandinsky to Pierre Soulages, Henri Matisse to Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali to Francis Bacon, Pablo Picasso to Jean Dubuffet and Marcel Duchamp to Jackson Pollock.


The app offers you a guided circuit for every exhibition, with audiocommentaries, texts, quotations by artists, timelines and more, which really add your visit.


You can stop at the historical and artistic points of reference you choose, and understand and make connections between the great movements, key ideas and the masterpieces of modern and contemporary art through a simple, dynamic chronology of the history of art in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Get information

You can view the calendar of exhibitions, events, shows, screenings and talks, log on to the online ticketing service, see the opening times and enter them in your schedule, plan the itinerary of your visit through clickable plans of the museum, download a circuit, and much more.


The personal space enables you to share the highlights of your visit on the social media, giving free rein to your imagination!


Download the mobile app for iPhone/iPad
Download the mobile app for Android
Download the mobile app for Windows Phone

The resources of the centrepompidou.fr website

The Centre Pompidou makes numerous digitised teaching resources available to visitors to create their own thematic circuits, prepare their visits or make use of this content in class. 

  • Printed teaching resources: “history of art” circuit linked with school curriculums: 165 teaching dossiers
  • Video and audio recordings: presentations of exhibitions, commentaries on works, exhibition circuits, interviews with artists, reports on artists’ workshops, talks and trailers
  • Career advice documents: “Travail! 10 métiers du Centre Pompidou”, a film by Philippe Jamet, together with his teaching book
  • Reproductions of works from the modern and contemporary collection.


Teaching dossiers

Whether you are a connoisseur, a beginner or a teacher; whether you want to enhance your knowledge of modern art and contemporary creation, learn about it or teach others about it, the Centre Pompidou can provide you with teaching dossiers dealing with design, architecture, key figures in modern art, graphics, contemporary art, film creation and the stage arts alike.
If you want to understand artists’ approaches more fully, obtain documentation on a movement or a theme, or explore our collection and exhibitions for your art history or philosophy classes, feel free to view the 165 dossiers made available by the Centre Pompidou.

“History of the arts” circuits

The Centre Pompidou is developing new teaching resources designed especially for teachers, which include six “history of the arts” circuits. These resources propose itineraries through the collections which meet the requirements of the secondary level school curriculum of the B.O.E.N (Official Bulletin of the Ministry of Education).

The Centre Pompidou resources on partners’ platforms


Éduthèque (education library)

The Centre Pompidou is present on the free Éduthèque access portal set up by the French Ministry of National Education. This platform provides resources classified according to programme, training and visits. These teaching tools are available in high definition and will shortly be downloadable so that visits can be prepared actively, and lessons can be illustrated and enriched in the classroom. 

Nouveaux programmes du Bac, enseignement artistique (enseignement de spécialité et option facultative) : prochainement, une sélection de ressources (reproductions d’œuvres, vidéos..) vous sera proposée, répondant aux nouveaux programmes autour des pratiques artistiques en collaboration et en co-création entre artistes, de l’œuvre de Sophie Tauber-Arp et de celle de Bill Viola.

Pearltrees - digital library

Pearltrees is a visual interface of digital libraries enabling the Centre Pompidou to develop a community multimedia platform making teaching resources accessible. With help from functional typology and intuitive use, the digital libraries provide two approaches to the Centre Pompidou collections: “thematic” or “history of the arts”.

Its use makes it possible to keep resources up-to-date, according to the Centre Pompidou programme and the latest events there.