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General Terms and Conditions of Use

The "" website, hereinafter referred to as "the Site", is a portal providing web users with access to its data. 
All persons accessing this Site, any of the publishing offers, associated applications or services, accept and undertake to respect without any restrictions or reservations, the General Conditions of Use in force on the Site. 



The purpose of these General Conditions of Use is to define the procedures for access to and the reuse of the content and data contained on the "" website and in the Centre Pompidou digital ecosystem.


The Centre Pompidou reserves the right to make any modifications of any nature to the General Conditions of Use at any time and without prior notice.

Intellectual property and reuse:

General structure of the site:

The general structure of the Site is the exclusive property of the Centre Pompidou.


The brands of the Centre Pompidou and its partners, along with the logos featured on the Site, are trademarks registered with the French National Institute of Intellectual Property and, as such, are protected by intellectual property law.
Any reproduction in part or in whole of these brands and/or logos carried out from elements of the Site without the express authorisation of the Centre Pompidou or of their owners, is strictly prohibited and constitutes an infringement of copyright, as defined by the French Intellectual Property Code.


The term "Resources" includes all the content contained in the Site's resource centre, in particular still or animated images, screen captures, illustrations, texts and works in full or in excerpts, sound files (recordings of conferences, interviews, works or parts of musical works, sound installations, etc.). The Site's resource centre does not include the so-called "institutional" part, corresponding to the information, as of the date of the general terms of use, in the sections available in the header and the footer from the home page.
The Centre Pompidou provides web users with access to these Resources, the use of which is governed by the laws in force protecting them. Authorisation for their reuse must be requested directly from the rights holders, copyright management companies representing them or, when applicable, from the Centre Pompidou.
In the absence of authorisation, any reproduction or total or partial representation, any use, adaptation, provision or modification of these elements is strictly prohibited and constitutes an infringement of copyright law as defined by the French Intellectual Property Code.
All credits for Resources can be viewed by web users on the page where the Resources are presented. The Centre Pompidou undertakes to verify the accuracy of the information it provides for web users. If any of this information contains inaccuracies or errors, it undertakes to make every effort to have the information corrected as soon as possible.

Informative content:

In accordance with the provisions of the French Code of Relations between the Public and the Administration, some of the Site content is considered as administrative documents, notably the informative content.
As such, and in accordance with Book III of the French Code of Relations between the Public and the Administration concerning the reuse of public information, the information contained in these documents may be reused in accordance with the conditions set out in Book III, notably on condition that the information is not altered, that its meaning is not distorted and that its sources and the date of its latest update are indicated. This reuse must comply with copyright laws.
Ownership of public administrative information is not in any way transferred to the reuser. Any person reusing public information in infringement of statutory requirements shall be subject to a fine issued by the commission for access to administrative documents and legal proceedings.

Hypertext links:

The Site may provide hypertext links to websites published by third parties and references to other websites. These links or references shall not be deemed to constitute approval or validation of their content. Under no circumstances may the Site publisher be held responsible for the nature of such content, nor for any damage or prejudice arising therefrom.
Furthermore, as the Publisher has no means of controlling or monitoring the sites referenced, or any changes or updates, the provision of hypertext links shall not give rise to any obligation of any kind on the Publisher's part.
Hypertext links to the Site may be created freely, provided that such action does not jeopardise the material or moral interests of the Centre Pompidou, creates no confusion as to the source of the content and is carried out in accordance with applicable laws, including copyright.

Responsibility and errors:

The Site and its systems may become temporarily unavailable, in which case the Centre Pompidou undertakes to restore the service as soon as possible. Similarly, the Centre Pompidou may modify the Service, its content and/or conditions of access at any time without prior notification or compensation.
The Centre Pompidou may not be held responsible for any direct or indirect, foreseeable or unforeseeable damage, such as loss of earnings or profits, loss of data or hardware, or costs for repairs, recovery or reproduction resulting from the use and/or impossibility of using the services and content of the Site.
Despite the care and attention of the Site's editorial team, unintentional errors or omissions may appear on the Site. Any users wishing to make comments or claims to the Centre Pompidou are invited to use the contact form provided for this purpose.

Applicable law and competent jurisdiction:

These General Conditions of Use are entirely subject to French law and French jurisdiction. In the event of any litigation or dispute, the user and the Centre Pompidou shall endeavour to settle the dispute amicably. Failing this, they shall recognise the exclusive competence of the competent courts of Paris.