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Cinema is present every day at the Centre Pompidou throughout the year in rooms, the museum and exhibitions, from single screenings to retrospectives, from exhibition-installations to festivals.


Claire Simon
The Dreams Films Are Made Of

21 September – 1st November 2023

 Retrospective I Preview I Masterclass 

 In the presence of the filmmaker and guests

 Organised by the Documentary Film Library

Claire Simon is a key figure in the French cinema landscape. She believes in the power of words and the strength of tales and the imaginary. For her, cinema is born out of the desire to tell stories. In places and situations, her gaze identifies that which is related to fiction, myths, novels, film noir… The people she films become characters. Through her documentaries, she addresses issues such as the power of money, social distinctions and gendered relations.


Screenings and booking in the agenda

Claude Lanzmann
The Place and the Word

3 November – 18 December 2023

 Retrospective I Meetings 

 In the presence of many guests

 Organised by the Documentary Film Library

At the centre of this retrospective is, of course, Shoah, which was listed on the UNESCO Memory of the World Register in May 2023. Claude Lanzmann’s other films are presented as "branches" born out of the subject of the Holocaust, to continue to explore questions, feed debates and respond to controversies. His first televised experiments displayed the "Lanzmann style", a type of cinema structured between place and word, landscapes and faces, with which a representation is formed like a slow hallucination.

The retrospective converges towards the question of what becomes of such a body of work, with multiple sessions in the presence of Claude Lanzmann’s friends and family, work partners, filmmakers, thinkers and researchers; creating dialogue with films from other generations and countries (such as Pawel Łoziński and Wang Bing); and seminars co-organised with other institutions (Ehess, Mémorial de la Shoah, Musée d’Art et d’Histoire du Judaïsme).


Screenings and booking in the agenda

Euzhan Palcy

8 – 19 November 2023

 Complete retrospective | Masterclass | Meetings 

 In the presence of the filmmaker and other guests

Euzhan Palcy graduated from École Louis Lumière and was the first female French director to receive a César Award for Best First Feature Film for Sugar Cane Alley. She continued to break ground, directing her second feature in Hollywood, A Dry White Season, based on the novel by André Brink, with Marlon Brando. The filmmaker grew up in Martinique in the 1960s, and developed a passion for British and American cinema very early on. She is heavily involved in the fight against discrimination and the preservation of a collective memory that is too often forgotten: "With my camera, I don’t shoot, I heal…"

In connection with the 40th anniversary of the March for Equality and Against Racism.

As part of Festival d’Automne à Paris

Dominique Marchais
Mirror Landscapes

10 – 13 November 2023

 Preview I Screenings 

 In the presence of the filmmaker and guests

 Organised by the Documentary Film Library


Focus on French critic, screenwriter and director Dominique Marchais, and preview of his latest documentary, La Rivière (2023). 
This form of cinema is presented as a reflection on the landscape, and through it, "everything that is related to the living, the flora and fauna, the circulation of water, the activity of humans in these spaces, their political organisations." An investigation into the ongoing catastrophe, but also into those who are trying to see and understand the world better, and to heal it.


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Alice Rohrwacher

1st December 2023 – 1st January 2024

 Complete retrospective | Preview | Exhibition | Masterclass | Meetings | Book 
 In the presence of the filmmaker and her guests

Alice Rohrwacher has been a figurehead of young Italian cinema since her first feature film, Heavenly Body, in 2011. She constantly raises questions about the echoes of the past and our roots, travelling between history and myth, rurality and modernity. 
For the first time, all of her work will be exhibited: projections of her entire filmography – including a preview of her most recent, fourth feature film which will appear at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival and episodes from the TV series, My Brilliant Friend; an exhibition inspired by the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, which is the theme of her latest film; encounters, a masterclass and more…


As part of Festival d'Automne à Paris

Regular appointments


The Ideal Cinematheque of the Suburbs of the World

One session every month

 Screenings and encounters 


This monthly event extends the dialogue around fundamental contemporary questions: in the suburbs, where buildings appear and disappear to the beat of human experiences and urban developments, in a cycle that could seem infinite, cinema represents heritage that nowadays must be revealed, saved and shared. This parallel history of cinema is a continuous flow of erasure and disappearances. The challenge is also to question the logic of our fields of meaning, in the critical relationship to works and their reception. What is a filmmaker or a film "from the suburbs"? Which stories fall under this category?

A project based on an idea from filmmaker Alice Diop.

Each month, the teams from Ateliers Médicis and Centre Pompidou choose and present a film, with the filmmaker in attendance as a guest.


Detailed programme and reservations in the agenda


Once a month



Through each season and release, the "Trajectoires" screenings trace the work of filmmakers in novel creation and film. Artist films, fiction films, documentaries… the "Trajectoires" screenings build on the connections with artists previously presented at the Centre Pompidou, through retrospectives, installations of the Hors Pistes festival. A constellation of creations. 


Screenings and booking in the agenda


Two Wednesdays a month, at 7pm + one-off sessions

"Film" proposes a new insight into the Museum’s film collections.


Prospectif cinéma

The last Thursday of every month at 7pm
"Cinema of the future" explores film production by contemporary French and international artists.


Vidéo et après

One Monday a month at 7pm
"Video and after" is a cycle of meetings with artists and art historians proposing screenings, conferences, performances and discussions.

Documentary film library

Les yeux doc à midi

Every Friday at 12pm – Free admission within the limit of seats available
Showing on a large screen of a film from the online Les yeux doc catalogue.


Trésors du doc

One Sunday a month at 5pm
Every three months, a film library or heritage collection is invited to provide a documentary gem from its reserves.


Du court, toujours

Once a month at 8pm
Themed screening of short films according to desires, news and the season!


Les rencontres d'Images documentaires

Once a month at 8pm
Meeting on a film chosen by the editorial board of the Images documentaires review.


La Fabrique des films

Once a month at 6pm
An evening with a film-maker in two parts: presentation of a current project, screening of a previous film.


Fenêtre sur festivals

Special sessions

Screening of films presented in documentary film festivals.


Séances spéciales

Special sessions

Previews, new or award-winning films… to be discovered throughout each season. 


Séminaire EHESS: Cinéma en acte

Wednesdays, from 2 to 5 pm
Film screenings accompanied by a practical and theoretical reflection on documentary forms.


Université permanente de Paris

In June, Tuesdays at 2pm
Sessions combining 30-minute introductory lectures and the screening of a feature film.

In the museum

The works belonging to the museum's collection can be consulted: 

*Excluding videos, CD-ROMs and sound works, which require special installations, as well as very recent acquisitions and videos currently being restored.

To extend your cinema/video experience