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School groups

The educational action of the Centre Pompidou fosters encounters between school-goers and art & creation. It invites all pupils to build a rich and coherent personal culture throughout their school years. 


It works to: 

  • promote access for all to national collections 
  • develop artistic and cultural activities in line with the pupils’ own pace
  • foster the independence of teachers in the discovery of art
  • offer school-goers an active visit by questioning their uses and techniques 
  • support and transmit contemporary creation, etc. 


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Tours, visits, workshops

The educational action of the Centre Pompidou provides activities integrating the changing needs of pupils and teachers, based on the aims set out in school curricula.  
During visits, tours and workshops, the class questions, experiments and discovers the works of the Museum and the exhibitions. Focusing its educational method on "doing" and a sentient exploration of works, the workshop programme is based on the major exhibitions. 


Museum tours

Museum tours designed for an initial discovery of art through the words, actions and tales of story-tellers, actors or musicians, etc., these tours take the form of fun and contemplative pathways through the major works of the Centre Pompidou collection. 
Duration: 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the tour 

Active visits

Active visits, led by the Centre Pompidou's presenters, are designed for the youngest audiences to foster interactivity and discussion with schoolchildren. The choice of works enables an entertaining and perceptive retracing of the major movements of art from the early 20th century to the present day.  
Duration: 90 minutes


The workshops, led by the Centre Pompidou’s presenters, are designed around the major exhibitions of the Centre Pompidou. Through actions and practical work, schoolchildren take part and share in a communal creative process which fosters a sensory approach to creation. These activities are organised in two steps, a first session in the workshop, and a second in front of the works.  
Duration: 2 hours 


Workshop: 2 hours, €130 
Tours: 60 / 90 minutes, €70 
Visit with a presenter: 90 minutes, €70 
Visit without presenter: €30 


"Accès culture" prices (priority education REP and REP+): 
Workshop: 2 hours, €70 

Visit with 1 presenter: 90 minutes, €30 
Visit with 2 presenters (double classes): 90 minutes, €60 


Advanced booking required 

Book online

Or by phone: +33 (0)1 44 78 12 57, from Monday to Friday (except public holidays), 9am to 5pm

Accompanying adults

 Number of childrenRequired number of accompanying adults
Nursery school 

1 to 16
17 to 24




Primary school1 to 24



Secondary and high schools1 to 12
13 to 24




To ensure the safety of the group it is important to comply with the minimum number of adults shown in the table above. If this is not the case, unfortunately the Centre Pompidou cannot host the group. 

For all the activities available for kindergarten, elementary and secondary schools:

Consult the Schools programme

Or download our leaflet (in French):

To prepare your tour, 

learn about the works currently exhibited in the museum rooms:

Adapted tours

Visits and workshops are on offer for classes with pupils who are visually-impaired (audio-descriptive tour), hearing-impaired (lip-reading tour), deaf (tours in French Sign Language), or with mental or cognitive disabilities. These activities are led by specially-trained presenters, with adapted mediation.  


Accessibility contact: 
Contact for deaf visitors: SMS +33 (0)6 17 48 45 50 

Artistic and cultural educational projects

Our team is composed of project heads and five relay teachers (Paris, Créteil & Versailles academies). We design and create workshops, visits and specific projects according to the programme and educational requirements.   
Involved in an artistic and cultural educational programme in numerous schools, from pre-school to high school level, the team also accompanies teachers in the creation of specific projects (in situ or externally). Here are some examples:  


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Educational resources