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Discover the entire programme of our temporary, monographic, historical or thematic exhibitions. A constantly renewed panorama of modern art and contemporary creation. 

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27 March – 1st July 2024

 Temporary exhibition 

 Gallery 1, level 6


As a tribute to the father of modern sculpture, Constantin Brancusi (born in 1876 in Romania, living in Paris from 1904 through to his death in 1957), this large-scale exhibition comprises some 400 works: over 120 sculptures, as well as photographs, drawings, films and archives. At the heart of the exhibition, visitors can admire a reconstitution of the artist’s studio, which he designed during his lifetime as a place in which to live, create and contemplate his works. 


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Bernard Réquichot
"I never started to paint"

3 April – 2 September 2024

 Temporary exhibition in the museum 

 Galerie ouest, level 4


Despite a meteoric career (less than ten years), Bernard Réquichot (1929-1961) was a major protagonist of the 1950s Paris art scene. Marked by "Surrealism's second wind", his production around 1955 is in line with the gestural and textural abstraction that occupied a preeminent place at the time.
This chronological retrospective features over 60 works: mainly paintings, his famous Reliquaries, and some impressive collage (his "chosen papers") and drawings demonstrating strong visual impact.


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Hannah Villiger

3 April – 22 July 2024

 Free temporary exhibition 
 Galerie de photographies, level –1


As a graduate in sculpture from the Lucerne University of Applied Arts in 1974, Hannah Villiger (1951 -1997) then embraced photography as her preferred medium in the 1980s. Using a 35-mm camera, then a Polaroid, she showed fragments of her body, in various states. Enlarged and presented as dynamic blocks, her photographs reveal intrinsic corporeal properties, as an anonymised material, shaped by mechanical recording.


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Current exhibitions

Hervé Di Rosa
The World-Crosser 

28 February – 26 August 2024

 Temporary exhibition in the museum 
 Galerie d'art graphique, level 4


As the heir to a story ranging from the Dada movement through to punk rock, taking in Jean Dubuffet and CoBrA, French artist Hervé Di Rosa (born in 1959 in Sète) has consistently questioned the legitimacy of artistic hierarchy and the absolutism of "fine art". An essential figure in 1980s Figuration libre, he was also an avid collector. Part of his collection of Modest Arts is exhibited in the permanent collection at the International Museum of Modest Arts (Miam) established in 2000 in Sète by Hervé Di Rosa and Bernard Belluc. 
The exhibition features around 30 works providing an eloquent overview of the artist’s career, thanks especially to the artist’s significant donation in 2013 and the loaning of several recent works.


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Vera Molnár
Speak to the Eye 

28 February – 26 August 2024

 Temporary exhibition in the Museum 

 Galerie du Musée, level 4


Digital art pioneer Vera Molnár was born in Budapest in 1924 and resided in Paris from 1947 until her death on 7 December 2023 at the age of 99. 
Her incredibly creative, prodigious career is on display here, starting with her first drawings in 1946 through to a 2023 installation created specifically for this exhibition, and featuring an extensive body of works (paintings, drawings, photographs and wall installations) as well as selected extracts from her Diaries. These are conserved in state collections, mostly at the Musée national d’art moderne, thanks to the artist’s generosity. 


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Bridging appearance
When fashion features in the Musée National d'Art Moderne's collection

24 Jauary – 22 April 2024

 Temporary exhibition in the museum 

 Museum, level 5


After "Yves Saint Laurent in Museums" in 2022, the Centre Pompidou invites Laurence Benaïm to continue the dialogue between art and fashion by formulating a chromatic and conceptual conversation between designer profiles and works from the Musée National d’Art Moderne’s collection. 
From Christian Dior to Iris van Herpen, from Azzedine Alaïa to Thebe Magugu, from Jean Paul Gaultier to Issey Miyake via Chanel and Charles de Vilmorin, the exhibition includes 17 models and traces the lines of correspondence, elective affinities, shared obsessions… between fashion and artists, both modern and contemporary.


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The Childhood of Design
A Century of Furniture for Children

25 April – 12 August 2024

 Temporary exhibition 

 Gallery 3, level 1


Far from being a miniaturisation of furniture items for adults, furniture for children quickly acquired a real autonomy and developed its own specific character. The greatest of designers have taken an interest in designing objects for children throughout the 20th century. Today, designers like matali crasset derive another approach to design from the world of childhood, based on hybrid "situation-objects" that feed into changing scenarios. 
Presenting a hundred-odd works conserved by the Musée national d’art moderne, the exhibition explores the revival of design chronologically, through the prism of these "small objects", leading to new typologies of delightful aesthetic objects and amusing learning tools that pave the way to creativity. 


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Alongside this event

Comics on every floor

29 May – 4 November 2024

As an exceptional celebration of the ninth art, the "Comics on every floor" event explores the sheer breadth of diversity of this form of artistic expression, displayed in all areas of the Centre Pompidou and catering to all ages. 


Comics, 1964-2024

 Temporary exhibition 

 Gallery 2, level 6

A fresh dialogue among the three main strongholds of expression in the world of comic books: European creation, Asian mangas and American comics, starting in 1960s counterculture, through to the latest digital output. The exhibition presents 12 different themes summoning the imagination of comics (history, science fiction etc.), the emotions they trigger (fear, dreams, laughter etc.), and the diverse artistic techniques used (black and white, self-expression, geometry etc.).

Comics in the Museum

 Temporary exhibition in the museum 

 Level 5

As a counterpoint to the permanent modern collection (1900-1960), six rooms have been devoted to the comic strip greats: Edmond-François Calvo, Will Eisner, Hergé, George Herriman, Winsor McCay and George McManus. At the same time, 15 contemporary authors go up against masterpieces, in the form of tribute, quotation or pastiche, Philippe Dupuy and Matisse, David B. and Breton, Anna Sommer and Picabia, Catherine Meurisse and Rothko, etc.


Corto Maltese. A novelistic life

 Free exhibition 

 Public library, level 2

Created by Hugo Pratt in 1967, Corto Maltese has become a truly emblematic figure in the world of comic strips. The story of his peregrinations, with intrigue and plot twists galore, is also scattered with references and literary quotes. These are in fact the special focus of this exhibition featuring original documents (photographs, notes, storyboard, sketches, studies, plates and watercolours). 


"Tenir tête". Exhibition-workshop by Marion Fayolle

 Young audience exhibition 

 Galerie des enfants, level 1

For young audiences, author and illustrator Marion Fayolle transforms the Galerie des enfants into an immersive installation around the subject of a nomad encampment. Each of the "tent-heads" of her "Tenir tête" exhibition-workshop imagined in resonance with her graphical work provides shelter for moments of sharing, discovery and astonishment.

Le surréalisme

4 septembre 2024 – 13 janvier 2025

 Exposition temporaire 

 Galerie 1, niveau 6


Retraçant plus de quarante années d'une exceptionnelle effervescence créative, de 1924 à 1969, l'exposition « Le surréalisme » célèbre l'anniversaire du mouvement né en 1924 avec la publication du Manifeste fondateur d'André Breton.

À la fois chronologique et thématique, le parcours est rythmé par 14 chapitres évoquant les figures littéraires ayant inspiré le mouvement (Lautréamont, Lewis Carroll, Sade…) et les principes poétiques qui structurent son imaginaire (l'artiste-médium, le rêve, la pierre philosophale, la forêt…)