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Podcasts Museum visits

Podcasts to accompany you in your discovery of the Centre Pompidou: from the bowels of the building and its panorama over the whole of Paris, to the heart of its collection of modern and contemporary art.


Let us guide you at your convenience:

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Tours in the collection:

The masterpieces

As cornerstones of the Centre Pompidou, the VIPS, or Very Important Pieces, have been created by artists with unrestrained, passionate personalities, and unique life experiences.
This podcast features conversations between a journalist and a guide, for you to enjoy a special moment, as you contemplate each masterpiece. 

Production: Tara Schlegel
Editing: Delphine Coffin    
Montage: Antoine Dahan
Voices: Emmanuelle Day and Patricia Maincent
Thanks to :ndré Avril, Joaquim Biehler, Isabelle Bonzom, Agnès Fiévé, Danièle Fauvel, Sophie Fourestier, Gabriela Kraviez, Catherine Lascault, Patricia Maincent, Véronique Missud et Anton Zatzepine

Sound surfaces

Created by and for blind and sighted people, "Les Surfaces sonores" [Sound surfaces] invites you to discover the Centre Pompidou and its masterpieces through your listening and your imagination. The audio-described works evoke the sensibility of bodies: body-memory, bodies in motion, bodies hindered or freed from all norms.
An inclusive podcast by the Centre Pompidou, Souffleurs de sens and Papiers communs.

Voices: Claire Olivier, Marianne Bergès, Fabrice Scott
Writing: Émilie Bougouin, Delphine Coffin, Olivier Font, Clara Gouraud, Élisa Hervelin, Alice Maxia, Charlotte Mounier, Chloé Quentin, Claude Tanguy
Music: Maxime Daoud
Sound design: Sixième son 
Recording: Ivan Gariel
Mixing: Antoine Dahan
Artistic direction: Charlotte Mounier
Thanks to: Souad, Mariam, Jean-Luc, Jean-Michel, Agnès, Tatiana and Sabrina

Architectural tour:

In the Centre Pompidou's Pipes

Today the Centre Pompidou gives itself over entirely: discover its architecture, with its framework, piping and colours, but also its history, the issues at stake and the players involved in its birth.  

Script and editorials: Alexandra de Bouhellier, Delphine Coffin 
Sound realization: Nuits Noires (Jérémie Nicolas, Rémi Sève et Julien Tort)
Sound-engineer for voices: Ivan Gariel – Voices: Laurie Bellanca, Julien Campani, David Guez 

With the participation of: Lamri Bouaoune (Painter), James Caritey (Paper Document Mounter), Eric Galliache (Framer), Léo Garion (Joiner), Arnaud Jung (Lighting Technician), Franck Péquignat (Director of Transit Reserves), Lucille Royan (Sculpture Restorer)
Musical extracts: London Calling, The Clash – Archives: Manifestation au Quartier latin, 8 mai 1968, Journal les actualités françaises, source INA 

View of Paris

From the 5th and 6th floor of the Centre Pompidou and its breathtaking view, embark on a humorous and suspenseful investigation of Paris and its monuments.

Follow Detective Maxwell and his faithful assistant Marconi and discover the history of famous Parisian places. 

Text: Pierre Senges

Production: Laure Egoroff

Voices: Laurent Lederer, Philippe Magnan