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Seismography of struggles

Vers une histoire globale des revues critiques et culturelles

19 May - 28 Jun 2021

The event is over

© D.R.

“Seismology of fights” undermines the accepted history of critical and cultural reviews and upturns the anticipated historical landscape.

This audiovisual work presents a census of non-European reviews, or reviews produced in the diaspora, from the revolutionary currents in the late 18th century to the decolonisation movements that followed. 

It is the result of collective research - multilingual, decentralised and engaged - carried out at the National Institute for the History of Art since 2015 under the direction of writer and art historian Zahia Rahmani.

© D.R.



19 May - 28 Jun 2021
11h - 21h, every days except tuesdays

Online reservation required