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Polytopes / Réouverture de l'Espace de projection

21 Jun - 2 Jul 2022

The event is over

Xenakis' Polytope de Cluny embodies the rare combination of academic and popular art: an immersive experience of sound and vision, the prototype of multimedia works. The spatialized soundtrack, the crackling flashes, the figures created by laser beams and reflected by hundreds of mirrors... This performance, premiered 50 years ago at the Cluny thermal baths, plunged the spectator into a whirlwind of lights and electronic music.


21 Jun - 2 Jul 2022
19h - 21h, every tuesdays, wednesdays, thursdays, fridays
25 Jun - 2 Jul 2022
From 17h
From 19h, every saturdays
From 21h, every saturdays
26 Jun 2022
From 15h
From 19h, every sundays
From 17h, every sundays

Entrée libre le 21 juin