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The retrospective

20 Oct 2021 - 7 Mar 2022

Georg Baselitz, « Die Mädchen von Olmo II », 1981 © Georg Baselitz Photo © Bertrand Prévost - Centre Pompidou, Mnam-Cci / Dist. RMN-GP

"Georg Baselitz – The retrospective" is the first exhaustive exhibition of the German artist in the Centre Pompidou. It brings together his masterpieces of the last six decades in chronological order, revealing his most striking creative periods: from the first paintings and the Pandemonium manifesto in the early 1960s to the Heroes series; from the Fractured compositions and the inverted motifs of 1969, including the successive groups of works for which the artist experimented in masterly fashion with new pictorial techniques featuring varied aesthetics, sustained by references to the history of art and his intimate knowledge of the work of many artists, such as Edvard Munch, Otto Dix and Willem de Kooning, through to the “Russian Paintings” and the self-reflexive creations entitled "Remix" and "Time". 

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20 Oct 2021 - 7 Mar 2022
11h - 21h, every mondays, wednesdays, fridays, saturdays, sundays
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