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Minouk Lim

30 Nov 2017

The event is over

Minouk Lim, New Town Ghost, 2005.

Minouk Lim (b. 1968 in Korea) is an artist based in Seoul. Lim’s prolific practice spans across a wide spectrum of mediums, including video, installation, music, sculpture, and performance. Often drawing upon her country’s social and political past as a catalyst, her work reflects and critiques the processes of industrialisation and democratisation that have taken place in South Korean society over the last decades.

New Town Ghost, 2005, single-channel video, colour with sound, 10 min 45 sec

From X to A, 2014, HD video, colour with sound, 41 min

Minouk Lim, New Town Ghost, 2005.


30 Nov 2017
20h - 22h


Cinema 1