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Off-site event

Video Vintage


17 Apr - 26 Jun 2013

The event is over

Fred Barzyk, WGBH

This new exhibition, based on a selection of the earliest tapes of video art in the “New media” collection of the Centre Pompidou, throws light on the history of this medium from the 1960s to today. During the 1960s and 1970s, artists experimented with video through performance, filming themselves or in television studios, studying in depth the diverse possibilities of the analogue layer, then carrying out conceptual trials. 'Vidéo Vintage' traces the journey, not only of the art of video, but also through a synthesis of the first decades of contemporary art from 1963 to 1983. A chance to discover or rediscover the research of the masters of this contemporary art.

Fred Barzyk, WGBH


17 Apr - 26 Jun 2013
12pm - 8pm, every days except sundays

Lundi à samedi 12h à 20h
Fermé dimanche


Beirut Art Center, Beyrouth