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An interactive proposition by Navid Nuur for children aged 6 to 12

27 Apr - 23 Sep 2013

The event is over

On the invitation of the Centre Pompidou, Navid Nuur takes over the children's gallery to turn it into his new experimental playground. In the exhibition-workshop entitled “TA-DA!” the artist divulges tricks for transforming an object or an idea into a work of art. To this end, he conceives a series of “interimodules”, adaptable works, often ephemeral, which influence each other, where the child, through its action, takes part in the process of creation. The exclamation TA-DA! expresses awe, like that of a magician who pulls off his trick. As is his habit, Navid Nuur questions, transforms, combines and hijacks everyday objects. He scrutinises the world and its expressions to better understand them and to turn them into a poetised version.


27 Apr - 6 May 2013
11am - 7pm, every mondays, thursdays, fridays, saturdays, sundays
8 May - 23 Sep 2013
11am - 7pm, every days except tuesdays


Galerie des Enfants