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Jean-Yves Jouannais : L'Encyclopédie des guerres

Parole à Jean-Yves Jouannais

11 Jun 2015

The event is over

"Kror" entry, excerpt:
"The battle of Kanva. Rana Sanga advanced with his slaves and his innumerable troops. In the Indian system, one hundred thousand is lek and one kror is one hundred lek. His slaves and troops numbered one thousand and two lek. The forces of his States attained ten kror." Babur (1483-1530), Le Livre de Babur, translated from the Turkish by Jean-Louis Bacque-Grammont, cited in Anthologie mondiale de la stratégie, Gérard Chaliand, published by Robert Laffont, Bouquins coll., Paris, 1990.


11 Jun 2015
19h - 20h30


Petite Salle